Become a Wilderness Explorer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

If you have seen the Disney/Pixar film Up you might remember that young Russell is a Wilderness Explorer who loves to have great adventures and earn badges based on those adventures.

Soon guests at Disney's Animal Kingdom will have a chance to become Wilderness Explorers just like Russell, experiencing the park in a way that will deepen their understanding of animals and our natural world.

This new Wilderness Explorer experience is geared toward guests ages 7-10, but the whole family will have fun as kids take the official Wilderness Explorer pledge and then use field guides while they tour the park at their own pace.

Explorers are encouraged to get "up close and personal" with the park's animal inhabitants. The participants will earn sticker badges as they complete challenges, and there are more than 30 badges available for the Wilderness Explorers.

There is a version of the Wilderness Explorers program already in place at Disney's California Adventure that takes place at the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. This new experience takes place throughout the Animal Kingdom, giving guests a chance to see the park in a whole new light.

Story by Traci C., Source