Discovering The Sagittaria In Pandora: The World of Avatar

Guests of Disney's Animal Kingdom have the opportunity to explore a unique place that is truly out of this world. Pandora: The World of Avatar is an exciting place designed to be a foreign ecosystem of floating mountains, bioluminescent rainforests and breathtaking new experiences.

Sagittaria Swim In A Valley PondSagittaria Swim In A Valley Pond

The land doesn't just glow and pulse with its alien atmosphere, but it is a truly interactive experience. Native plants and animals in the strange world interact as guest travel the paths throughout the Pandora's Valley of Mo'ara. Winding rainforest paths meander across the valley floor with spectacular vistas calling for you to look up and see the splendor, you also need to look forward, look down, and just try to take it all in.

Scenic Overlooks Can Provide Interactive FunScenic Overlooks Can Provide Interactive Fun

On of my favorite little spots amongst the winding paths is an area that offers guests a glimpse into one of many waterfall fed ponds. Swimming through the clear water guests may come into contact with the Sagittaria. This creature is a cephalopod-like fellow with a hard shell and long tentacles. Despite being an aquatic creature, its prey is small flying creatures. They take down their prey by spurting out jets of water.

The Sagittaria In PandoraThe Sagittaria In Pandora

Obviously it's important to be on the lookout for the strange animals of Pandora, after all many of them are predators and you wouldn't want to fall pray to their hunt. Even walking too close to the edge of the water may trigger the hunting instinct of native creatures. Luckily Alpha Centari Expeditions posts warnings in the most "dangerous" areas.

This pond contains animals that shoot powerful jets of water into the air to hunt small flying creatures. Sudden arm movements close to the pond may trigger this hunting response. You may get wet!
- ACE Alpha Centari Expeditions

Alpha Centari Expeditions WarningAlpha Centari Expeditions Warning
Sagittaria Hunt Small Flying CreaturesSagittaria Hunt Small Flying Creatures

I found my travels into Pandora: The World of Avatar a mesmerizing journey full of sensory input that truly made it seem like I have gone off world to another place. What exciting details have you uncovered in Valley of Mo'ara? Leave a comment and share your expeditionary finds.

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