It’s Tough To Be A Bug at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The spectacular Tree of Life draws guests deeper into Disney's Animal Kingdom. As the dramatic 145 foot high Park icon comes into focus it is apparent that its massive truck is ornately carved with representations of 325 different animals. Standing beneath the impressive Park icon, guests may feel as if they've shrunk as they wind through the queue for the attraction deep within the tree's base.

The Tree of LifeThe Tree of Life

A 430-seat theater makes its home in the roots of the tree, which is fitting when you consider stars of the show are the world's most abundant inhabitants " bugs. 'It's Tough To Be A Bug' is an 8-minute animated film inspired by the Pixar Movie 'A Bug's Life' brings together audio-animatronics, a 3D animated film, special theater lighting and some chilling 4-D effects to give the audience an idea of what life is like for an insect.

It's Tough To Be A BugIt's Tough To Be A Bug

The friendly blue ant, Flick, welcomes guests to the theater and asks them to don their special bug eyes and enjoy the show as honorary bugs. His friends, including a Chilean tarantula, dung beetles, cockroaches, and stink bugs show guest the many wonders of the big world.

Flick, The Friendly Blue AntFlick, The Friendly Blue Ant

A warning if you haven't yet been to Disney's Animal Kingdom, or haven't yet seen this attraction. The combination of the film and 4-D effects can be quite intense for guests that are not fond of the insect world. To quote our friends over at "There are hairy bugs, spiders, and it is loud and dark with some intense scenes." Even the official Walt Disney World Guide says that it frequently scares toddlers and leaves squeamish adults "seriously bugged." That being said - lots of folks love 'It's Tough To Be A Bug' - especially fans of 'A Bug's Life'

Thanks so much to Loren Javier for his great bug images! I must admit that I'm pretty bug phobic, so this one isn't usually on my list to do. However the queue gives guests a view of the intricate Tree of Life carvings that you just can't get from other vantage points. Have you braved It's Tough To Be A Bug or do you walk on by this attraction?

JayA wrote on Tue, 02/17/2015 - 23:32:

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My wife and I go to "bug" every time we are in the world. Sometimes we go more than once during a trip. I know Disney is a changing world, but since Disney has made it clear that nothing is classic enough to be sacred, (ie. a country in Epcot that is about a movie instead of the country) we devote time to everyone of our classic favorites while they last.

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