Ten Tips For Visiting Walt Disney World Water Parks

Hitting one of the fantastic Disney Water Parks is tops on the list of many a traveler headed down to Walt Disney World all year long. So if you intend on spending some serious time soaking up that warm Florida sun, be sure to keep in mind these ten tips from experienced water park fans to make the most of your day at Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach.

10 Tips For Visiting Disney Water Parks10 Tips For Visiting Disney Water Parks

Arrive 30 minutes before opening so you can park, buy tickets, rent towels, and snag inner tubes before the crowds descend, and, trust us, it gets very crowded.

Arrive at Disney's water parks early in the day. Frequently during peak times of the year, they're packed by noon. Alternatively in the summer when park hours are longer arriving in the late in the afternoon after the rain clears through can leave you in a practically empty park.

Guests are allowed to take coolers into the water parks. If you are looking for ways to save money, think about taking your own food rather than buying it there.

Once you have picked out your seats, mark them with belongings. Put all valuables in a locker for the day to ensure their safety. If your kids are older, set up camp at a particular lounge chair and have set meeting times.

Which Water Park Will You Pick?Which Water Park Will You Pick?

Take your own beach towels. The ones available for you to rent are small and there's no return on your deposit.

Women and girls should wear one-piece swimsuits so that the force of the wave or the waterslide doesn't accidentally disrobe them.

Wear water shoes to save tender feet from hot sand, walkways, and from icky rest-room floors.

Pick a spot to meet up if your family gets separated at the park and make sure that everyone knows where your meeting point is.

Consider renting a cabana for your group for comfort and a designated base camp. have a private area complete with shaded cabana, chairs and even a cooler of beverages and snacks if you'd like them. Though it's an extra expense the luxury can make a hectic & crowded park seem easy going.

Blizzard Beach Winter WonderlandBlizzard Beach Winter Wonderland

Both Disney water parks are refurbished annually on a rotating basis. That means if you're traveling in fall or winter one of the parks will be closed for a month or more. Check in advance when you're planning to be sure your preferred park will be open.

Do you have advice for folks looking to venture out for some watery fun? Leave a comment below and share your best water park advice!

Dizzle wrote on Thu, 10/31/2013 - 19:11:

Dizzle's picture

Not only should valuables be locked up, but if you have an odd size shoe, you might want to put them in a locker, or at least hide them in a bag. My friend has a large size shoe for a girl, and we came back after a few hours to find them gone even though we put them under a chair with all the rest of ours. Now we just bring bags and put everything inside. People are usually less likely to steal if they have to open something to get to it. Other than that one time though, beach rules always apply at Disney waterparks.

Kerry wrote on Thu, 10/31/2013 - 19:26:

Kerry's picture

I second the note about water shoes, especially because the bottom of the wave pools are gritty and can be extremely rough on the feet. I would even go so far as to consider a rashguard, because the waves can be extremely rough. I was knocked right off my feet in about six inches of water and got scraped up on my back and shoulder, badly enough to need to go to first aid. Watch your kids carefully in the wave pool because they can easily get knocked over too.

And of course, bring and wear and reapply tons of sunscreen! My husband and I spent our honeymoon at WDW and didn't get burnt until we went to Typhoon Lagoon... and we got FRIED!

Janet wrote on Thu, 10/31/2013 - 19:40:

Janet's picture

I disagree with the one piece suit for girls and woman. I bought a tankini specifically to go to the water parks. It makes it easier to use the bathroom.

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