Tips For Managing Nutrition At Walt Disney World

Many people feel like vacations are a time to let it all go, relax, and simply take the world as it come. I've even heard it said that calories don't count at Disney! I love the way that sounds, but the truth is that many people need to be able to maintain a healthful way of eating while on vacation just as much as they do at home. Indulging comes with the territory when you travel, but there's no reason good nutrition has to go completely off the rails simply because you're away from home. Use a combination of these simple tips to help keep your meal plan on track.

Tips For Managing Nutrition At Walt Disney WorldTips For Managing Nutrition At Walt Disney World

Tips For Managing Nutrition At Walt Disney World

  • Don't skip breakfast, it really is the most important meal of the day. Do make it a high protein one! There are tons of high carb ways to start your day at Disney. If you want to make the most of your morning meal though, be sure to pack in the protein for sustainable energy and no mid-day crash.

  • Speaking of proteins, eat your proteins first to fill you up. Get in your veggies next, and be sure to leave those complex carbs for last. Wondering where you can eat low carb at Disney? Our friend at the Disney Food Blog wrote a great article all bout it. Give it a read Managing Your Diet Plan in Disney World: Low-Carb Diets

  • Avoid all-you-care-to-eat meals as much as possible. If the buffet is calling out your name (most Character meals are in this form) go for fresh fruits, salads, and simply prepared carved meats.

  • Order an entree only. Just because the menu shows something in a combo meal form, doesn't mean you can't order the sandwich alone. Ordering a la cart may also save you a few bucks in the process.

  • Switch up your side dish. Be sure to ask if you can substitute fries for a healthier side dish. Many Disney restaurants will offer a vegetable side like coleslaw or corn-on-the-cob. The Polite Pig in Disney Springs has some of the best veggie sides on property.

  • Great Sides At The Polite PigGreat Sides At The Polite Pig

  • Are you following a medically necessary diet? Be sure to speak up and ask at the restaurants if you have any nutritional questions. Disney kitchens have allergy friendly meals available, and will often let you speak directly with the chef, or let you look through their nutritional binder to get all the information you need about what goes into your body on vacation.

  • Avoid all or nothing mentality. Just because you could feed a small army with what's on your plate does not mean you should eat for a small army. Be aware of portion sizes even while you are traveling. Consider splitting a meal with one of your traveling companions, or having half put in a to-go box.

  • Pack pre-portioned healthy snacks. Yes, Walt Disney World is full of amazing snackable options all over the property. That being said, if you are following a solid nutrition plan you know just how much you can let loose. Packing dried, high protein snacks can keep you fueled while on the move When traveling for runDisney events I like snacking smart so I can save my splurge for meals.

  • Don't drink your calories. Stick with simple spirits, teas, unsweetened coffee, and lots of water. Glasses of Ice Water are free at all Disney restaurants, so skip that $3 bottle of Dasani and grab a cold cup at the next counter service spot instead. I like to carry a water bottle to pour the ice water into for more portability on the go.

  • Feeding kids on vacation? Look for the check! Disney Check makes it easy to spot food and beverage choices for kids that fit a healthy lifestyle. When you see Disney Check on menus throughout Walt Disney World, you'll know that you are looking at food that meets rigorous nutritional criteria. If only they would expand the program for adults.

Open-faced Sandwiches at Gasparila GrillOpen-faced Sandwiches at Gasparila Grill

I think that the most important piece of advice I have ever gotten comes from an Oscar Wilde quote, and that is "Everything in moderation, including moderation." If you're going to live a bit and splurge, Walt Disney World is the perfect place to do it. Long days on your feet touring the Parks make for much higher calorie expenditures than most folks get at home. You shouldn't feel bad at all when eating that Dole Whip, munching park popcorn, and ordering dessert; after all you are on vacation.

Do you have healthy eating tips for travel? Share them with me below!

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