Two Ways To Experience ‘Ohana Dinner at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

According to Lilo, 'Ohana means family. But Lilo was wrong. 'Ohana means food. And more food. And then just when you think you're finished, more food. Dinner at 'Ohana is an experience, one that has been panned in recent years for being lackluster or past its prime by some, but our family completely disagrees. 'Ohana is a light hearted Disney classic, a great family meal served up in the heart of Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.

Dinner At 'Ohana Two WaysDinner At 'Ohana Two Ways
'Ohana Servers Wait To Welcome Guests'Ohana Servers Wait To Welcome Guests

The window seating at 'Ohana is spectacular, especially at fireworks time, but be prepared that if you plan to do a fireworks seating, you may be disappointed as there are many tables that have virtually no view of the window. The ukulele player/ singer at dinner is entertaining and does a good job at involving children in the performance as they parade and learn to hula. The atmosphere is fun, though not as jarring and ruckus as Whispering Canyon or 50's Prime Time.

Window Seating Offers A Lovely View Of The GorundsWindow Seating Offers A Lovely View Of The Gorunds
Interior Seating Provides A Better View of The EntertainmentInterior Seating Provides A Better View of The Entertainment
'Ohana Offers Dining Room Entertainment'Ohana Offers Dining Room Entertainment

The meal is akin to a Brazilian steakhouse service with a Polynesian flair. Dinner begins with pineapple coconut bread. Not being a fan of pineapple, myself, I was reluctant to taste the bread, but the flavor is so mild that someone who is averse to either of the bread's flavors may still enjoy the combination in the bread. There is a possibility that the bread has changed in the past year. We stayed at the Polynesian Village in October 2016 and ordered the 'Ohana Twilight Feast room service. The bread that we were served with the room service was the same bread that is currently served at Kona Cafe and is not as delicious as the bread that we have always eaten previously in the restaurant at 'Ohana, but we are unsure if the bread was changed for the restaurant or just substituted for the room service option.

The Sweet Pineapple BreadThe Sweet Pineapple Bread
'Ohana Salad Dressing Is A Favorite To Many'Ohana Salad Dressing Is A Favorite To Many

The first course consists of appetizers, but it is truly a meal on its own. The unlimited family style offerings include Honey Coriander Chicken Wings, Teriyaki Noodles with stir fried vegetables, Pork Dumplings, and tossed salad. The flavors are interesting and varied without being overpowering. This is my favorite course.

Veggies and Noodles For The TableVeggies and Noodles For The Table
The Pot Stickers Are DeliciousThe Pot Stickers Are Delicious

The second course is the protein trio. Your server will bring all you care to enjoy Steak, Chicken, and Shrimp. We have dined at 'Ohana on three separate occasions and the quality and preparation of the meat has been the only variable. We've never experienced a bad meat selection, but some experiences have been average and others have been stellar.

Sitting Near The Open Grill Is Also A Fantastic ShowSitting Near The Open Grill Is Also A Fantastic Show
Brazilian Style Meat ServiceBrazilian Style Meat Service

The final course is the bread pudding with ice cream. I am not a self-described bread pudding fan. In fact, prior to eating at 'Ohana, I have never eaten a bread pudding that I've enjoyed, but the combination of the bread with the banana caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream is amazing. Save some room because if you're full when you stop eating the meat course, you will be overstuffed and miserable by the end of the dessert course.

Diners Rave Over 'Ohana Bread PuddingDiners Rave Over 'Ohana Bread Pudding

Perhaps the best part about 'Ohana is what I eluded to earlier - the 'Ohana Twilight Feast. If you are a guest at the Polynesian Village Resort, you can have the in-room feast delivered for $40 plus a $3 delivery charge. The only differences are that the bread may be different than the current 'Ohana offering, the bread pudding is served sans ice cream, and despite the delivery team's best efforts, your meal may arrive slightly chilled from the trek across the resort. Even lacking the perfect temperature, this very shareable $40 portion is an incredible value. We ordered 3 adult portions for 4 adults. We ate dinner the night we ordered. Two of us had enough left over for dinner the following night and we had enough bread pudding for two additional breakfast servings. So, for $120 + tax and delivery, we received 6 dinners and 2 breakfasts. That's 8 meals for $17.63 per meal and we could have stretched the meals further if we had been trying to get additional value from our meal. You can't buy a table service meal at that price anywhere on Disney property. One caveat to this incredible deal - unlike dining in the restaurant, the Twilight Feast is neither Disney Dining Plan nor Tables in Wonderland eligible.

Private Dining Offers An 'Ohana Twilight FeastPrivate Dining Offers An 'Ohana Twilight Feast
Twilight Feast MeatsTwilight Feast Meats

Eating at 'Ohana is an incredible and delicious experience. Like any other restaurant, it's not perfect and there are off nights now and then, but on average it's an excellent meal and a great value if you are using the Disney Dining Plan. The availability of the Twilight Feast is both a convenient and economical solution for meals that can offset some of the expense of staying at the Polynesian Village Resort without sacrificing the experience.

Do you enjoy 'Ohana? Leave a comment below and share your story.

A big thanks goes out regular WDWFG Guest Author Holly L. for sharing a little bit of her knowledge of Disney with us. If you'd like to read more about Holly's Disney Adventures, you can find her sharing on our member forum.

tdubb wrote on Tue, 11/29/2016 - 15:22:

tdubb's picture

Agreed. Ohana is one of my favorite meals. The food is delicious. Only drawbacks are they seem to be always behind on the reservations. Seem to nearly always wait close to an hr past our reservation time, most always visit in February. Feel sorry for the check in hostess, they always seem to be getting an earful

Kristen K. wrote on Tue, 11/29/2016 - 16:35:

Kristen K.'s picture

I really enjoy 'Ohana, especially when dining with a large group. I haven't experienced delays, but we usually have an earlier seating.

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