Big Family November Blow Out Trip! - Pre-Trip Report

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Big Family November Blow Out Trip! - Pre-Trip Report

Hey all! FastPass Day was Sunday so I'm due for a Pre-Trip Report!


Me (Allison)
I'm a 29 year old accountant, Disney lover, overplanner, theater nerd. Disney favorites include Little Mermaid, Splash Mountain, Expedition Everest, Finding Nemo the Musical, Grey Goose Slushes, margaritas at La Cava, Kona Cafe, Yorkshire County Fish Shop, bloody mary's at the Dawa Bar, bread service at Sanaa...

Jon (DH)
A 37 year old data processor, Disney lover in a much more laid back/chill kind of way, that puts up with my crazy like a pro. Disney favorites are Aladdin, Soarin, Yak & Yeti, Turf Club, and Captain Cook's (all favorites of mine too, by the way, but I thought I'd leave him something).

Penny (DD)
A four year old Disney FANATIC. She has been able to name even the most obscure Disney characters since she could talk. She loves princesses but is well versed in all of the movies, especially the classics. Disney favorites include Rapunzel, Cinderella, Belle, chicken strips (we try to expose her to as much as possible but this is her favorite standby), Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid, Prince Charming Royal Carousel, and meeting characters. This will be her fourth visit to Walt Disney World but she's finally close to that 40" mark so we're hoping to expose her to some brand new rides this time around! Last trip she took awhile to re-warm back up to rides though so we've been watching a lot of ride You Tube videos the past few months to keep her excited instead of nervous.

My Mom
It's been 10+ years since she's been to Disney and she has been watching us go often with tons of jealousy pent up so we're dragging her along this time! She is much slower moving then she was last time she was there and has really bad problems with her legs and feet so we will be renting an ECV this time around. Favorite ride is Test Track and she LOVES carrot cake so I'm super excited to introduce her to the carrot cake cookie (and try my first bite, myself...). She doesn't like any super big coasters (though she put Space Mountain as one of her favorites.. sarcastic ) and no water rides, HOWEVER since this will be Penny's first trip on Splash Mountain Penny talked her into riding laugh

My Dad
He's also 10+ years out since his last trip and has quite a few mobility issues so we'll have not one but TWO ECVs to contend with. He loves roller coasters and spoiling Penny so we put a limit on him that he is only allowed to buy Penny one souvenir the entire trip so we'll see how that goes...

My Sister, Megan
Megan is 22 years old and just visited Disneyland for the first time last summer. Before that her last trip was when we took her and Gill in September 2014 as a graduation gift. She LOVES thrill rides, particularly Space Mountain and Mission Space (though no one else will go on it with her). Meg and I will be completing our first Drink Around the World expedition this trip (don't worry, we're breaking it up over a few different days) and are the two that are most excited for Food & Wine.

My Sister, Gillian
Gill is 19 years old and was last in Disney World when we took her in September 2014. She is currently booked for our entire trip but found out she has a test on the 16th so might have to be flying home on the 15th instead (3.5 days early). Her favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain and she loves Brave and Moana.

The Rundown
We will be in the World from November 9th through the 18th (our longest trip yet yay ) and are staying at the Boardwalk Villas for the first time this trip which I'm SUPER excited about. We'll be in two separate studios and I can't wait to be within walking distance of Epcot and DHS (especially beneficial with having two ECVs to lug around). Penny has been fawning over pictures of the clown side so we're hoping to fit in several visits to the pool. I also don't have it listed in our plans but my goal is to hit drinks at Abracadabar and ice cream at Ample Hills at some point.

Everything underlined below is a new restaurant or experience for us!

Thursday, November 9th
*We have a 7:00am flight out of Minneapolis on Sun Country. This will be my first time flying direct in the last probably 5+ years so I'm thrilled to be landing around 11:00am...this is insane for me! We'll be staying at a hotel near the airport the night before so that we are 10 min away vs. 2 hours away so that we can get a little bit more sleep.
*Head to the Boardwalk, check in, then lunch at Big River Grille
*If our rooms are ready we'll go take a nap first, otherwise we'll swim in the pool for a bit and then nap
*Late afternoon/early evening Jon and I will head over to International Gateway to upgrade our tickets to our first ever ANNUAL PASSES!!! muchlove Everyone else will stay at the Boardwalk for more swimming, relaxing, and a small dinner at the resort
*Jon and I will be sneaking into Epcot for some Food & Wine (we have a lot to fit into only 1.5 days!) and meeting up with JoAnn and Lauren (lolastardust)
*Meet up with Walker Mobility sometime between 7pm and 8pm to pickup the ECVs
*Calling it a night since we were up early and have an early morning the next day

Friday, November 10th
*Magic Kingdom at 8:00am for EMH
*Hit Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella/Elena, Rapunzel/Tiana, Barnstomer, and Under the Sea with *hopefully* shortish waits
*Enchanted Tales with Belle FastPass 9:10am - 10:10am (hopefully arriving here around 9:45am)
*Ride Dumbo and play in the circus tent play area until our next FastPass
*Big Thunder Mountain FastPass 10:25am - 11:25am - Penny's first time
*Country Bears and Mickey's Friendship Faire
*Peter Pan's Flight FastPass 11:50am - 12:50pm
*Peco's Bills for lunch (I looooooove that toppings bar!)
*Watch Festival of Fantasy from Frontierland
*Extra FastPasses, Tiki Room, Carousel of Progress, PeopleMover, Monsters Inc, etc for the rest of the evening
*MK closes at 6pm today so we will be going over to Trader Sams and Captain Cooks for dinner. I'll finally have enough people with me to get that Nautilus!

Saturday, November 11th
*Animal Kingdom! Despite being up and prepped at my 60 day mark, there was no FP availability for Flights of Passage for any time this day even when I searched for only three people (we'd utilize rider swap anyways since Penny isn't tall enough). Luckily I had 5 backup plans in place depending on what time I was able to get a FP for and we will be following choice #5, no FP for FOP and rope dropping it eek
*Arrive at AK by 8:00/8:15am for a 9:00am opening
*Meg, Gill, and Dad will rope drop Flights of Passage and grab a rider swap pass while Mom, Jon, Penny, and I meet up with Timon (so excited for this meet and greet!)
*Drop Mom and Penny off at the Boneyard for some play time while the rest of us standby Expedition Everest, Kali River Rapids, and Dinosaur
*Depending on how the standby lines are, if we have time we'll go back and explore Pandora a bit before lunch
*Yak and Yeti at 12:15pm
*Festival of the Lion King 2:00pm
*Na'vi River Journey FastPass 2:20pm - 3:20pm
*Finding Nemo the Musical 4:00pm
*Kilimanjaro Safari FastPass 4:25pm - 5:25pm (we had awesome luck with the animals at dusk in February)
*If we have time we'll take the long way around to catch a Tree of Life Awakening
*Rivers of Light FastPass 5:50pm to 6:15pm for the 6:30pm show
*Meg, Gill, Jon, and I will run off to ride Expedition Everest at night while Mom, Dad, and Penny locate the stroller and ECVs
*Dinner at Satu'li Canteen (those bowls are calling to me!)
*Mom, Jon, and I will use the Rider Swap to do Flights of Passage (can't believe I will be waiting until the end of the day to experience this!)
*Hopefully hit a Tree of Life Awakening on the way out

Sunday, November 12th
*Rope dropping Epcot at International Gateway for a 9am opening
*Heading straight to Frozen Ever After and Anna and Elsa meet for hopefully a minimal wait
*Test Track FastPass 9:00am to 10:00am
*Spaceship Earth FastPass 10:00am to 11:00am
*Seas with Nemo and Friends FastPass 11:05am to 12:05pm
*Hitting as much of Food & Wine as we can, maybe taking a break back at the hotel since we hit the last two days hard, we'll see how the day goes...
*Back to the hotel earlyish as I'm sure today will be busy (2nd to the last day of F&W)

Monday, November 13th
*Hollywood Studios day for a 9am opening
*Rope Drop Toy Story Mania
*Tower of Terror FastPass 9:00am - 10:00am....Penny technically has a FastPass for this ride and loves bouncy rides like the frogger at Mall of America, but I'm really nervous about how she will react to the ride as a whole. She'll probably be staying off with Grandma rather then risk ruining rides for her the rest of the trip, but we'll see what she decides
*Rock'n'Roller Coaster FastPass for my Dad, Meg, and Gill 10:00am to 11:00am where they will grab a rider swap pass
*Jon and me will ride Rock'n'Roller Coaster immediately after
*Beauty and the Beast FastPass 10:30am - 10:50am for Mom, Jon, me, and Penny...Penny gets too distracted if we're too far back so we need seats close to the front. Hopefully Meg, Gill, and Dad will be able to find seats semi-near us when they get let in.
*Indiana Jones FastPass 11:30am - 11:50am - Penny's first time
*Back to Boardwalk for lunch at the Boardwalk Bakery and then either a nap, swimming at the hotel, or back to DHS to explore Star Wars Launch Bay depending on how we are feeling
*Frozen Sing-along 5:30pm show
*Dinner at Sci Fi Dine-In 6:15pm
*Hopefully fit in Muppets 3-D sometime before Frozen or after dinner - Penny's first time
*Fantasmic 8:30pm (hoping to snag this as an additional FastPass...we've never had a problem with that on previous trips)

Tuesday, November 14th
*Everyone else will be sleeping in this morning while Jon and I will be catching an early morning Uber for our 8:00am Marceline to the Magic Kingdom tour! SO excited
*Family will be meeting up with us at the Poly for O'hana breakfast with Lilo and Stitch at 11:30am
*Resort hopping or back to Boardwalk for swimming
*Back to Magic Kingdom by 4:00pm for our first ever Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!
*Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FastPass 4:05pm to 5:05pm as soon as we enter
*I will be taking Penny and putting her down in the stroller for hopefully a late nap so that she makes it longer into the evening tonight. I will be lining up for the 7 Dwarfs meet around this point.
*Jon/Dad/Mom/Meg/Gill have a 5:10pm - 6:00pm FastPass for Space Mountain and will probably be hitting a few other rides in this time frame
*By 6:00pm, everyone will join me in the 7 Dwarfs line
*We are big "character collectors" so we have big dreams and a pretty rigorous schedule this night. Goals include meeting 7 Dwarfs, meeting Aurora/Philip/Snow White/Prince, meeting Mary Poppins/Bert, Frozen Holiday Wish, Meet Jasmine/Genie, meet Aladdin/Abu, Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration, Holiday Wishes, possibly meeting Jack Sparrow (Gill/Meg/Jon at least) and the second Once Upon a Christmastime parade viewing. I realize we're pushing it but it is what it is. I tried to put off the stuff that Penny will care about the least (fireworks, parade, etc) until later in the evening so that there is no major pressure to try and keep her awake. If she crashes in the stroller then oh well laugh

Wednesday, November 15th
*The first thing I have on our schedule for this day is possibly swimming and then lunch at Earl of Sandwich and/or Daily Poutine at whatever the heck time we make it there. Disney Springs shopping and exploring and swimming at some point is the plan for most of the day, then Jon and I will get cleaned up to go to La Nouba at 6:00pm and then dinner at Flying Fish at 8:20pm as a little date night
*Gill MAYBE leaving this day?

Thursday, November 16th
*Epcot 8:00am for EMH
*Rope drop from International Gateway, possibly Test Track if we want to ride that again, otherwise for sure hitting Soarin'
*Living with the Land FastPass 9:00am - 10:00am
*Character Spot FastPass 10:00am - 11:00am
*Frozen Ever After FastPass 11:15am - 12:15pm
*Lunch somewhere in the World Showcase
*Dinner at Via Napoli 6:25pm
*Dad/Mom/Meg/Gill will probably stay for Illuminations while Jon/Penny/Allison are planning on hopping over to Hollywood Studios to catch Jingle Jam, Jingle Bam if we're able to make it over there by 8pm

Friday, November 17th
*Magic Kingdom 8:00am for EMH
*Rope drop meeting Alice...we're trying to be the first in line to meet her for possible reasons wink
*Standby Space Mountain with someone staying off with Penny (for sure not me as I won't have rode it when they all did on our MVMCP night!), standby Buzz Lightyear
*Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique - arrive by 9:20 for a 9:40am appointment. Penny will be dressing up as Tinkerbell (we're bringing the costume with so as not to risk them not having it in her size)
*Meet Peter Pan
*Meet talking Mickey Mouse FastPass 9:40am to 10:40am
*Meet Tinkerbell standby
*Seven Dwarfs Mine Train FastPass 10:40am to 11:40am
*Prince Charming Royal Carousel (this is a must every trip for Penny)
*Splash Mountain FastPass 11:40am to 12:40pm - Penny's first time (this will be the first day open from refurb so crossfingers for no delays!)
*Jungle Cruise with a hopeful 4th rolling FastPass
*Lunch at Skipper Canteen 1:10pm
*More attractions and shows until park close at 6pm
*Possibly head over to Disney Springs for dinner at Polite Pig

Saturday, November 18th
*Our last day sad sad sad pack everything up and check out of Boardwalk
*Trattoria al Forno breakfast at 9:00am
*I setup FastPasses for Epcot this day but I have a feeling we might end up back at Magic Kingdom instead...
*Spaceship Earth FastPass 9:25am to 10:25am
*Frozen Ever After FastPass 11:35am to 12:35pm
*Meet Walker Mobility between 4pm and 5pm to return ECVs
*Magical Express transportation back to the airport at 5pm for our 8pm flight home, landing in Minneapolis around 10:30pm

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Tree of Life Awakening, It's not as "spectacular" but I learned last trip you can see it from the back side! I went down the little path to the right as you are coming out of Africa towards Aisa and watched it. If you have seen it before and don't mind the back view, you get the same show, you can hear the music and everything here also... If it is the first time, head to the front. Arrow shows where I watched it from approximately.

Polite Pig is AMAZING!!!!

Sounds like an amazing trip!!! I am hoping to be there the 16th and 17th. If I can swing it, I will find you! LOL

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Jon, Penny, and I have caught the last 30 seconds of a Tree of Life Awakening and the others have never seen it at all so hoping will catch at least part of one from the front as the little bit we saw looked awesome! crossfingers crossfingers crossfingers crossfingers for a meetup with you!

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Sounds like a great trip! We stayed at the Boardwalk a couple years ago and really liked it awesome

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Spook wrote:
Sounds like a great trip! We stayed at the Boardwalk a couple years ago and really liked it awesome

We're so excited! Bummed we're going to miss you by just a few hours sad

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Allie wrote:
Spook wrote:
Sounds like a great trip! We stayed at the Boardwalk a couple years ago and really liked it awesome

We're so excited! Bummed we're going to miss you by just a few hours sad

What time do you hope to be in Epcot on the 9th? We might spend the afternoon there before going to the Christmas party

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Can't wait to meet you & the family and Lauren. I am staying in a studio at Boardwalk too. I am planning on eating at Big River Grill one of the days I'm there. I don't remember which day. My spreadsheet is at work. I may see you there too.

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