crazycatperson's trip report!

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Answering questions:

Jess, we currently have 15 cats. The number was 18 at the beginning of the year, but many of our furkids are getting on in years, and we lost three between February and October. A fourth kitty has cancer, but she's two years post-diagnosis and still doing fine, so she's kind of our miracle kitty. In the photo above, she's the gray and white lying on the bed on the left with the tabby/white cat in front of her and the black cat behind her.

Mickey2, yes, all that "grazing" was at the Food and Wine Festival booths. There's no extra charge to participate, but the food is not free - as Magic Mirro said, samples generally run between $3 and $5, with a few less expensive and several a good bit more expensive, especially in the alcoholic beverage department. This price is for an appetizer-size sample of whatever dish you choose. Although some dishes are more substantial than others - the huge bratwurst on a pretzel roll at the Germany booth only needed a veggie side dish to make a decent lunch.

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Mickey2 wrote:
Loved your report & I made notes because we will be there in a few days. We will be 11 nights and I'm so excited! I am a newbie to the forum and it's been about 25 years since our last trip to WDW, so this may be a silly question. You tell about all the foods you sampled (grazed?) from all the countries - was that part of the Food & Wine Festival? An extra cost? If yes, then I'll read up on it in other threads if that's more appropriate. Thanks!

Hi Mickey - here's a link to the food booths.

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What a terrific report! And your furbabies are adorable, too. muchlove


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