Crazycatperson's winter vacation

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Over at Artist Point we were seated almost immediately. The restaurant was never full, so this might be a great place to go for a last-minute ADR at one of WDW's better restaurants. The lighting was a bit dim to get any good photos of the restaurant, but the decor keeps with the theming of Wilderness Lodge while being a whole lot classier than Whispering Canyon. We sat near windows overlooking the pool area and would've had a great view if it hadn't been dark outside.

Hubby ordered the crab cake appetizer and a glass of pinot noir; I had a bite and sip of each and they were both excellent. I passed on an appetizer because I didn't want to be stuffed and passed on wine because I was going to need to take an Ambien to make sure I got a decent night's sleep before having to get up early on departure day (can't mix Ambien and alcohol).

For the main course, hubby ordered the seared diver scallops with fregola pasta, fresh basil, blistered tomatoes, baby fennel, and pancetta sofrito. I ordered a seafood pho, which isn't on any of the menus currently available online, so I can't give you the exact name or a detailed description. But if you dine at Artist Point and you see seafood pho on the menu and you like Asian flavors, ORDER IT! I can't emphasize this enough. Remember when I said our California Grill meal was the best we'd had at WDW up to that point? THIS WAS BETTER! And since I ordered a seafood dish with noodles and Asian flavors at both restaurants, it's a pretty easy comparison.

For dessert we both ordered chocolate creme brulee. When the desserts arrived, hubby got the wrong one, some sort of berry cobbler. But they took it back, and a minute later our waiter (whose name I forgot to record, but he was an excellent server) came over, asked about the problem, and hustled over to the kitchen to see that hubby's dessert made it out as quickly as possible. Top notch service from beginning to end.

Hubby and I both agreed that we liked the spicy Kazan roll and the creme brulee at California Grill better than the crab cake and creme brulee at Artist Point, but both entrees at AP were superior to those at CG. This is not to say that CG isn't a great restaurant, it surely is, but if you told me I could go to one or the other right now, I'd go to Artist Point and get more of that pho.

The photos below show the appetizer and both entrees. As I've said, I don't care to take flash photos in table-service restaurants, especially when the lighting is low. But because of the way we were seated, hubby had to take the photo of his entree and he didn't realize his flash was on. Oops. No photos of the dessert.

Back in our rooms after dinner, I considered doing laundry, but decided to leave it until we got home. I packed while hubby lounged in the Jacuzzi yet again, then it was early to bed.

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Friday, February 6 - Departure day, BOOOO!

The alarm went off at 7:30, we got ready quickly, and finished off the cereal with some Roaring Forks coffee. Hubby hadn't packed yet, so while he did that I took my coffee on a walk and ended up at Fort Wilderness campground, which I had never seen before, aside from what little is visible from the bus stop (FW and WL share a bus to and from Epcot - I think it's Epcot). After taking a few photos, I was the only one on the resort boat that circles from Fort Wilderness to Wilderness Lodge to the Contemporary. WL was the first stop, and I refilled my mug with Coke before returning to our rooms to pick up my luggage.

I found hubby STILL packing at 9:30, but we had half an hour before the Magical Express was due to pick us up. And this is when I forgot my winter coat. It was lying on the bed along with my backpack and slingpack, and I can't figure out how I could walk away without it. It's light blue, but still should've been noticeable against the white sheets. I realized I didn't have it on the Magical Express; using the MDE app, I found a phone number to call and explained the situation. They called back a bit later to say they'd found my coat and would hold onto it at Wilderness Lodge until I return to WDW at the end of the month. (Meanwhile, I've purchased another winter coat - the older one is a parka and the new one is a peacoat, so they'll each serve a different purpose.)

The ME stopped at Coronado Springs before leaving WDW, giving us our first close-up look at that resort. And then we left the bubble sad. We got lunch at the airport food court (Quizno's and Krispy Kreme), then found seats at our gate overlooking the runways. I watched as our plane came in and unloaded passengers, and soon enough we were boarding. We got seats in the first row beside a man flying solo. Seemed like a good idea until we discovered the nearest luggage bins with free space were several rows behind us. We won't do that again, especially since our backpacks normally fit under the seats in front of us. I don't think there were any babies or toddlers at all on this flight; at any rate, I never heard a peep. We both napped a little in flight and got a big shock when we arrived in Baltimore and discovered it wasn't springtime anymore. And me with just my light denim jacket. Then it was back home to the kitties, who were very happy to see us.

Photos: Apparently they have pony rides at Fort Wilderness. Then FW buildings, the boat to Magic Kingdom boarding, the plane home, and a happy kitten.

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Thanks for sharing CCP! Too bad we missed you by a day. Love the kitty picture. biggrin

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Thanks, JanJ. That's Munchkin the kitten, 8 months old now. I hope our WDW schedule synch up in the future.

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Great Trip and thanks for letting us follow along... It won't be long now for me and family! Whoaboy!! clapping

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Great trip report! Artist Point looks delicious! We've debated about adding it in the past, but then I look at the prices again and shy away from it. We may need to reconsider that decision in the future.


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alicemouse wrote:
Great trip report! Artist Point looks delicious! We've debated about adding it in the past, but then I look at the prices again and shy away from it. We may need to reconsider that decision in the future.

We probably wouldn't have tried Artist Point if we hadn't been staying at Wilderness Lodge. But our goal with the annual passes was to try new restaurants, especially those at the resorts where we stayed. Now I'm so glad we did.

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Great report! Thanks for sharing mickey