CSR vs. Poly Hammocks

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CSR vs. Poly Hammocks

Bali had a great shot of the CSR hammocks in the Disney Resort Photos thread. Which got me thinking about Poly hammocks vs. CSR hammocks. Now while we're all going to agree that there's no compensating for the ability to watch Wishes from your hammock, I think the CSR hammocks have some advantages.

They are not in as high of demand so I don't feel bad just lazing there for hours and it's easier to get one. Also they aren't right next to such a high-kid-traffic area, so they aren't as loud.

Have you guys tried a CSR hammock?

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I tried one briefly while I was there, and it was very nice. But I have nothing to compare it to. I never saw anyone else in a hammock the whole time I was there, so it's not like I had to fight for one. That's a plus.



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Ha ha! Interesting thread!

Aren't the poly hammocks the "net" kind and the CSR hammocks don't have any "holes?"

Don't forget to add CBR to the comparison!




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