Discovery Cove Grand Reef Facts

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Discovery Cove Grand Reef Facts

Have You spent time at Discovery Cove's Grand Reef?

The Grand Reef footprint - 2.5 acre area, with close to a million gallons of water at a comfortable 77 degrees. Approximately 10,000 animals, representing 125 different species of fish, rays and sharks.

Thousands of tropical fish dart through crystal-clear waters, creating a whirlpool of color inside the reef's grottos and crevices. Discovery Cove's experts chose only colorful species whose natural populations are healthy and sustained. The fish include angelfish, butterflyfish, wrasses and tangs as well as larger, unusual-looking hogfish and filefish.

Removable Coral - Discovery Cove is using a unique technology to ensure The Grand Reef's man-made coral maintains its vibrant colors. Each piece of coral " most weighing a ton " is inflatable. When filled with air, the coral sections float to the surface for easy maintenance and cleaning. Overall, The Grand Reef will have 90 pieces of the colorful coral in four different sizes.

Salt Water - It takes about 140 tons of salt to make The Grand Reef's crystal clear water. The recipe is a closely guarded secret.

Beach Sand - Discovery Cove has found the perfect beach sand for The Grand Reef and it's used throughout all of the resort. Mined at nearby Davenport, Fla., the sand is from Florida's ancient beach dunes. More than 5 million pounds will be used at The Grand Reef, and every pound is sifted and grated. This makes the sand just right " not too coarse and not too fine.