Disney Cruise Line Itineraries out of NY

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Disney Cruise Line Itineraries out of NY

I can't find where I saw it now, but I read somewhere that the Dream was going to be sailing voyages out of NY, and up to Canada this year. I would love to do that! Will any of you who live further north take advantage of these voyages?


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Wow.... thats kinda cool. I would love to do a cruise someday... but someday aint anytime soon............ lol

But if this is available... depending on if we wanna do Disney as well... this would be a great option for us.


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I've been missing NYC for a while now. I'd love a good excuse to spend a few days there (which is probably all I'd need).

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We were planning on doing that cruise this Sept. A couple that we we know (and went with us on our past December cruise) are going on that one. Unfortunately, the dates in Sept. butt against the Pin event at Epcot. We either have to fly directly from the cruise to Orlando and miss maybe the early registration, or we have to go directly from the pin event to NY. Both of these meant that we will have to drag our pins with us onto the cruise, and that's not something we want to do.

So we had to cancel that plan.



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