DisneyLand Reading Materials

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DisneyLand Reading Materials

I'm looking for a good guide to read on DisneyLand for our mega-cross-country car trip.

Has anyone every used previous versions of either of these?



I've never used a Birnbaums guide, but I have used an Unofficial Guide to WDW in the past. I was looking for a Complete Guide to DisneyLand like the one I got for WFW, with lots of great color pics, Fun Facts, etc., but I can't find one.

Open to suggestions and recommendations!

Also, anyone have any fun game apps for the iPad that they like? I am currently addicted to DrawSomething (if anyone would like a code for a full free version from the iTunes store, let me know), but will be looking for some distractions during the trip, And Joe would appreciate anything that would keep my otherwise quiet for 40+ hours...I know, good luck with that!

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I've used the Birnbaum Guide for Disneyland in the past, but I always find the Birnbaums lacking in details. I would give the UnOfficial Guide a try. They have staff in Disneyland regularly, so I'm sure that it's just as through as their WDW version. I'm not so sure it will be 40+ hours worth of reading though!

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The where's my water and where's Perry games are fun. The kindle app is fun


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DisneyDee27 wrote:
The where's my water and where's Perry games are fun. The kindle app is fun

I echo Dee for the Water and Perry apps. Cant go wrong with them. Angry Birds. Any of them are fun. Fish Hooks wasnt too shabby and I think its free. Plants Vs. Zombies is a great time as well.


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