The Edison Complex at Disney Springs

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The Edison Complex at Disney Springs

I am so excited about The Edison coming to Disney Springs, the LA complex is a mecca for many counter culture fans especially Steampunkers. I have been waiting on the edge of my seat, and I'm excited that we are finally beginning to get trickles of information about what the Disney Springs complex will hold. Here is a snippet of what DFB had to say about it this week!

"Four new concepts that will be connected as part of one large complex and will be introduced to Disney Springs in the Fall of 2017. Each of the concepts is housed in key locations that play an integral role in the Disney Springs origin story, such as the former airline terminal, an underground rum running tunnel, and the former electrical power plant, providing rich territory for story-telling. The locations will treasure Italian authenticity create unique cultural immersion experiences through fine cuisine, beverages, and atmosphere."

Are you looking forward to The Edison in Disney Springs?