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Fastpass + Selections

Hi all!

Just wondering... What are your must have Fastpass + Selections for each park? I don't know what to choose at our 60 day mark this time and need some ideas. biggrin

Here are my must haves:

- Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

- Soarin'
- Test Track (have to be done on separate days or after all FP are used)

- Kilamanjaro Safari

- Toy Story Mania

Otherwise I don't feel like I have trouble getting on all of the rides... What do you guys think?


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Tower of terror is a must have for us. And glad we had fast passes for it this week as they were only utilizing one side of it.


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MK - Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Peter Pan's Flight

AK - Kilimanjaro Safaris, Expedition Everest, Festival of the Lion King

HS - Fantasmic, The Magic of Disney Animation, For the First Time in Forever: A "Frozen" Sing-Along Celebration

EP - Spaceship Earth, Soarin', Mission: Space - Orange

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Here's what we did this year:

MK: 7DMT, Haunted Mansion, BTMRR, Peter Pan (not all the same day, of course)

HS: TSM, RNR, TOT, Star Tours

AK: None. We usually spend 1/2 day at AK, then park hop to another park. We head straight to EE and ride it 4-5 times with now wait, and then meander. We don't do the safari ride any more, but if we did, I would FP that.

EPCOT: Soarin, Spaceship Earth

Most of our FP+ selections are for late afternoon or evening, since we get to the parks at rope drop and never have much a problem with wait times on all the rides we want to hit in the mornings.

The exception. This time as for the day we leave. The plan is to hit up HS at rope drop, get in a few rides of RNR and ToT, then park hop over to MK by 10:00 am and hit up our FP selections of 7DMR, HM and BTMRR, hit up Cosmic Rays for lunch and leave by 2:30 for the airport. Since we will have a rental car, it should be doable.

Let's see how many times I second guess my choices over the next 56 days and make changes....ha!

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MK: 7DMT, BTMRR, HM and Space/Splash Mountain

HS: TSM, TOT and Star Tours or RNR

EPCOT: Soarin, Spaceship Earth third choice is always hard or we do TT

AKL: Jeff 1/2 a day, they normally have to ask us to leave as we are there so long! EE, KS Dinasour

Find the tier at EPCOT hard to fill 3rd as it used to be Maelstrom and when is Captain EO going?


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I usually try and get Seven Dwarfs Mine Train along with meeting Anna and Elsa when I go to MK. I also try abdand get Peter Pan as well. I only get fastpasses at Epcot if I can get Test Track or Soarin'. I don't even bother with fastpass at DAK. Studios I aim for Toy Story if not that then Rock n rollercoaster along with Tower.

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MK: 7DMT, Peter Pan and Splash Mountain (1st day) then Big Thunder Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, and Anna/Elsa
Epcot: Soarin', Test Track (after I use all 3 Fast Passes), Spaceship Earth, and Nemo
AK: Kali River Rapids, Dinosaur! and the Safari (We sometimes do Expedition Everest, but my daughter pretty much hates the ride!)
HS: Toy Story, ToT, and either Star Tours or Rn'R


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We used our FastPass+ at Mine Train and Peter Pan's Flight on our Magic Kingdom day and we were so glad that we did. Both of their queues filled up very quickly right after rope drop.


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Hmmm let's see...

MK: Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and Big Thunder Mountain
HS: Toy Story Mania, Star Tours, Rock n Roller coaster
AK: Kiliminjaro Safari, Kali River Rapids, Dinosaur
Epcot: Soarin, Test Track, Spaceship Earth

In a perfect world Epcot would look more like "Soarin', Soarin' and Test Track" and HS would look like "Toy Story Mania, Toy Story Mania, and Toy Story Mania" silly


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Thanks for the great ideas everyone! This helps a lot with our upcoming trip!


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Character Encounters if they are available

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MK - If you start in Adventureland and then go to Frontierland at rope drop, you can almost always (except for holidays) do everything FP-free. I'd save my FP's for PPF, 7DMT, and Space Mountain. (I'd actually choose a princess meet & greet instead of Space, but I don't really care for that ride. For most people, it's probably more beneficial to use it for Space.)

EPCOT - Soarin''s it. Test Track usually sin't bad if you're willing to do the single rider line. I used to book a Maelstrom FP, but that's not an option. My third one was usually a throw-away for Nemo or Figment which we would always end up just walking on anyway. Spaceship Earth is a good choice if you like that ride because the standby line seems to have gotten longer there since the introduction of FP+.

DHS - TSM. We used to get a GMR, but it's tier one now. My other two are usually a ToT or RnR for Benn (whichever one is tier 2--i forget) and Star Tours. I wish there was a FP for animation academy!

AK - Kilimanjaro, FoLK, and Primeval Whirl (we don't ride Everest or Dinosaur, but if you like those, they're probably a better choice than PW in terms of time savings.)


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