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I just read DFB's review of Palo on the Disney Dream..


I just died..that chocolate souffle..love!

Here is where I am confused..is this an extra twenty dollars per day? Because honestly to me..for all of that..$20.00 per person doesn't seem bad for that at all! Am I misunderstanding this?


mickey Bella

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Really incredible!

Nope, you aren't confused, Bella. This is how most premium restos on cruises operate - about a $20 upcharge, for a fantastic meal. This was why I was so shocked at Remy. This looks wonderful. We would totally do it...although I agree about the strong flavors. But the selections are really nice, and the decor - gorgeous.


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Looks great. And that souffle is probably worth the $20 all on its own. Seems like the service is pretty good, too, which is always a craps shoot on Disney property.




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