Heh heh heh...I'm back

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Heh heh heh...I'm back

Hey, y'all. It's been a while - roughly four years.

Life has been, well, challenging. I dropped off this forum when my marriage started going south and I didn't have the heart to come in here pretending everything was awesome. Long story short, there is no more Mr. Catperson. (Well, I mean, he still exists, but he's not a Catperson anymore.) And I've moved, and, well, stuff. About a year ago I tried coming back but couldn't remember my password and gave up. Tried again today, and what do you know, got it right this time.

I have no firm plans for Disney anything at the moment, but, you know, Plague and Pestilence. I thought about January 2022 and then reconsidered when I realized children might not be vaccinated by then. Now looking at January 2023. This trip will be with sister, brother-in-law, and possibly (adult) niece, with whom I have travelled to Universal in the past. I still own 50 DVC points (out of the 290 we had pre-divorce; the other 240 returned to the mortgage company, but the 50 were paid in full), and if I bank and borrow to get three year's worth at once, yay, I can book a couple of studios at one of the less pricey DVC resorts. Any other Disney trips once the Plague is over will involve value resorts. Good thing I love them.

I do have a Royal Caribbean cruise booked, which will be my first vacation of any kind since the meet-up and cruise in October 2018. Would love to do another DCL cruise, but Royal was giving ridiculous discounts and I'll have a very nice balcony cabin for considerably less than the price of the cheapest DCL inside cabin. The ship spends one day in Port Canaveral, and I'm debating between Kennedy Space Center and a day of Disney Springs and resort hopping just to get a little close to the magic.

Anyway, no trip reports from me anytime soon, but I'm happy to see what you all are doing Disney-wise.

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Welcome back!

Disney has been off the books for us too, but we have decided we are committed to our upcoming November trip as we have DVC points expiry at the end of March 2022. If all goes well, we'll be back again in January. We're vaccinated and have decided that there comes a point where you just have to trust the science.

Hope your 2023 trip works out. crossfingers

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Welcome back! I have friends that have gone on Royal Caribbean and they liked it.