Hollywood Studios Makeover

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Hollywood Studios Makeover

So I know the majority of us on here are in agreement that Hollywood Studios needs a makeover....Here's what one guy thinks it needs...What do you think of what he said...I like his ideas



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I agree it needs a makeover and some more exciting rides to get more people there and keep them there for the day, and we all know they have alot to work with. I would love to see the cars land go there, that ride in dl looks really cool


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I like a lot of his ideas. I don't love the expansion of Muppet's. That's not Disney to me. I like the idea of the Incredible's RnR a lot. As he said, a lot fits into the boundries of this park, and there really is so much that they can do and they just haven't. I would hope something major is coming to one of the two parks.


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I have been a firm believer that HS needs something. Whether its a refurb of the whole place. Update some of the older rides. I am with the author about the Muppets. They need more of a presence in HS. As much as ill keep going to the show... it needs a redo and it needs an original redo. Not something based on the current film.

Even though im not a fan of Cars... I think they need some kind of land here in HS. Maybe something new to keep something original. You know... Disneyland has Cars Land while say Disney World has Toy Story Land or this doesnt help HS, but have Nemo Land over in AK. I really think Disney needs to have a "Land" that is different in each of their parks. Would think that would be awesome.


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CarsLand would be incredible here! Wouldn't hurt to have some rides for Toy Story Land either.