Money questions for UKers

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Money questions for UKers

If you travel from the UK, how do you pay your room bill? Does anyone still use AMEX travellers cheques or do you just put it all on credit card? I've always taken t/chqs before but not sure if it's worth it.

Also, i always take a few $$ with me but how do you get enough small $ bills to leave a daily tip for mousekeeping over a 2 weeks vacation? Can I get $20 bills changed at the resort?

Finally, if you just buy drinks in a lounge/bar, do you tip? If so, how much?

Thanks for your help. We leave for Gatwick 4 weeks today clapping clapping



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We always pay oop and never charge our magic bands so not sure on that.
As for mousekeeping we work out how many days we need and how much per day then get it in small notes before we go.
A word of warning on the T/chq, Make sure you have ID when you use them as we found that places were becoming very firm about asking for this.Also a lot of cashiers had to ask for help as they had never done a T/chq through the till (dying breed methinks)

Have a great time yay


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We use a Santander Zero card..Not only is there a zero interest in any purchase made inside or outside the bubble..When we use this card we get approx 10 cents more to the dollar..We first used it in 2010 and saved about PS170 ...Last year we saved well over PS200...

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We have the Halifax clarity card which is a credit card specially for overseas spending, it gives better rates than exchanging money. I think in Disney you wouldn't have a problem with travellers cheques however they are being phased out offsite, more and more places refuse to take them anymore. I usually get a few hundred dollars and ask for a fair amount in small, and then when I need more small notes I buy something with a bigger note and ask for change.


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