Mandy and her Parents Magical Vacation Trip Report-Updated

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Can't wait to hear about your great visit! Glad you enjoyed it awesome

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I can't wait to hear all about it!


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Saturday Nov 14-official start my vacation
I had an early shift that also was short. I also got an early release where I got to leave even earlier. I spent a little bit of time at the parks. I think I stayed to watch Beauty and the Beast live on stage (one of my favorite shows) then I headed to MK where I caught the ending to Festival of Fantasy then I proceeded to meet Ariel, I believe I had a fastpass for it. Ariel really like my ears (I bought the Christmas Minnie ears which are green with a red bow and are very sparkly). It was one of the best interactions I've had in a while with my favorite mermaid. I don't really remember what else I did that day besides to try and pack. I think I got home later then I wanted to.

Sunday Nov 15
I finished up packing while watching Christmas movies. I also got my room cleaned up along with Zazu (my bird) since my roommates took care of him while I was away. I headed to the Sanford airport to pick up my parents. Once I got my parents, we headed directly to our resort. We got checked in and they put us in building 10 which was nice because it was right next to the lobby where the food and transportation was. I had ended up setting us up in a room that was two rooms so I had my space then my parents had their space. We also picked up our resort mugs as well. Then we headed to the Wilderness Lodge for our diner reservation at the Whispering Canyon Cafe. We all loved it. We kept our little game chip thing on green the whole time, it was fantastic. We got the dinner platter that comes with four kinds of meat, mashed potatoes, baked beans, veggies and corn bread. My mom and I got coke, our server ended up bringing us a giant glass for us to share. I will definitely return to this restaurant. Now I know why we shouldn't ask for ketchup lol After our reservation, I believe we went to MK to watch the late Main Street Electrical Parade then got some pictures on Main Street with the castle and Christmas tree. Tomorrow we hit Hollywood Studios with a couple surprises for my parents then one I wasn't expecting.

Monday Nov 16
We got up early to be there for park open. Of course we stopped in at the wonderful Trolley Car Cafe to get some breakfast. Everyone was happy to see us and I introduced my parents to a lot of people. After breakfast started to head over towards the center stage area where we watched The Citizens of Hollywood Cavalcade of Stars. It was great and my parents had a good time. We then headed to our first fastpass+ which was for the Frozen Sing-a-long. We were early so I found my friend Dylan who was standing outside at fastpass greeter who gave us vip seating for the show. We were front and center. While we were at the show, I was a bad person and was messaging one of the guys I know at Beauty and the Beast to set up a special thing for my parents and I. Eric, the royal historian, made of me for being on my phone for part of the show. We then headed over to the animation courtyard area and got our picture taken with Minnie but before that, my dad and I headed to Trolley Car for water while my mom got in line. While we there getting water, we found my ex boyfriend who had picked up a shift. He avoided looking at my dad and I. We told my mom what had happened. We then headed towards Theater of the Stars to watch Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage in the vip section. My mom kept trying to take pictures and would get mad when the dancers would keep moving. When the show ended, I told my parents to sit down and wait. After everyone had left, the manager had come over and escorted us to the meet and greet area. Belle and the prince had come out for pictures and asked us if we enjoyed the show. Then my dad and I headed off to Hollywood Tower Hotel for our reservation. Then I also managed to get my dad and I fastpasses to get on Rock n roller coaster without using one of our three. Then we had dinner at 50s Prime Time Cafe at 3:30 but we waited a little while for a table. Then after dinner we had a fastpass+ for Toy Story. At some point my dad left to go back to the resort for a nap. My mom and I ended up going for a ride on the Great Movie Ride. It was an overall relaxed day. My dad kept going over to Trolley Car for water while we were there. We also had vip seats for Fantasmic.

Tuesday Nov 17
I planned on this being our relaxing day since we had MVMCP today. We got up really early to get decent spots to watch the Welcome Show. We played this day by ear since we had no real plans besides dinner and the party. We stopped in at the bakery to get breakfast. I don't really remember what we did during the day besides watching one of the early Move it Shake it Dance and Play it party where I found a couple friends. I was able to introduce a couple of my friends to my parents. I also asked one if he was going to be part of Festival of Fantasy and may have mentioned where we would be watching the parade. We went on a few rides, watched Dream Along with Mickey and we probably met a few characters. We got to our parade spots around 2:00pm in Liberty Square across from the Hall of Presidents. I happened to know the butler from Master Graceys mansion who was on parade control. My parents enjoyed watching parade including when one of the tall thorns waved at me. Then we headed over to the Crystal Palace for dinner. We got checked in and got watch the parade go down main street. We were seated shortly and were able to enjoy dinner before the characters came around. They were very excited to see us. I forgot how much I like the Crystal Palace. After dinner, we headed over to Tomorrowland to get our party bracelets. I had connected our party tickets to our magicbands but still had the tickets on me just in case. Once we had our party bracelets, we headed over to the circus to get in line for Sandy Claws. There was already a really long line but he did start greeting at 4pm. We had waited about an hour and a half for him but he was well worth the wait. While waiting in line we had found some friends that had recently moved to Florida who happened to be in the park the same day we were. After the meet and greet, we talked to them for a little while. Then we got in line to meet Daisy, Donald, Uncle Scrooge and Minnie. I had found a friend who was attending with those characters. He was so excited to see me. That meet and greet line took about an hour or so. We also watched the Totally Tomorrowland Christmas. We watched Wishes from the bench next to the boat dock in Liberty Square then moved over to the handicap section across from Hall of Presidents. The parade was great. Minnie was very excited to see me along with Happy who blew me lots of kisses and sent me lots of hearts while dancing. Prancer also came running up to me and hugged me as best as he could. Lets just say we had a great time at the parade. We also met the 7 Dwarfs right before the party ended. This one family took a really long time where everyone behind them (including my mom and I) who were getting upset that they took such a long time. I'm bummed that I didn't get meet any of the princes, there lines were 60-70 minutes. My mom and I left around midnight to go back to the room. My dad left shortly after we met the Ducks and Minnie because he was tired. I'm bummed he missed out on the best parts of the party but I wasn't going to hold him there. My mom and I were at Magic Kingdom from like 6:30am until just after Midnight when the party ended. I'm impressed that we were there that long. We had a great day.

Wednesday Nov 18
We got up early for our breakfast reservation at Cape May Cafe. We had a great experience. The characters came around almost immediately so we could get them done then enjoy breakfast. After breakfast, we headed out to the bus stop to head over to MK for the fastpass+ selections I had set up. After that, I believe we headed back to the hotel for some rest. I think we headed over to Studios for some lights. My parents loved the lights.

Thursday Nov 19
Animal Kingdom Day! We got up early and headed to Creature Comforts for some breakfast where I found some familiar faces. After breakfast, we headed down the trail to meet Tarzan. We went on the Safaris, then headed over to the harambe theater where I found more friends and watched Festival of the Lion King. Because my parents were handicapped we were put in the front row, well almost front row. A couple of guys had set up a meet and greet and were sat in the very front row in front of us. We still had a good viewing. After wards we wandered around, pretty sure my dad and I had gone on Expedition Everest and Dinosaur. We also had taken some pictures in front of the tree because I had found a photopass friend who was more then happy to take our pictures. He also took some magic shots as well. We had gone over to the Theater in the Wild to watch Finding Nemo: The Musical which was another fastpass option. After that we headed to the front of the park because my friend Kyle had just gotten off work and I wanted him to meet my parents. After we had met up with him, my parents headed back to the resort because they were tired. So Kyle and I went back into the park to enjoy some alone time. We had a really nice afternoon. He even bought me a drink from Starbucks. As we were leaving it had started to rain and he drove me back to my resort where I met with my parents. I think this was the night we had planted ourselves outside our room to watch the Movie Under the Stars which was one of the Toy Story Movies I believe.

Friday Nov 20
We got up pretty early and headed to Fountain View for some breakfast. In case you haven't noticed, we ate Starbucks for breakfast almost every day. We planted ourselves on a bench to enjoy our breakfast before going on Spaceship earth which was our first fastpass for the day. Once we were done there, we headed over to character spot for our second fastpass where the characters were very excited to see us. I believe we also met Chip and Dale which are to the side of the building. We then headed to the Land pavilion for our Soarin' fastpass which my parents always enjoy. A nice older gentlemen tried convincing my parents that them going to Universal would be a good idea but we just nodded and pretended we were taking his advice. We also took a ride on Living with the Land. We then headed into world showcase were we rode on the gran fiesta tour. We stopped for lunch in Norway. I believe we headed over to Studios via boat were we enjoyed a few things including Beauty and the Beast again, where I found my friend. My parents decided I could hang out with my friend for a little while before dinner. We decided to meet up over at Epcot for dinner. Beauty and the Beast had been extra special because a very special Gaston had made an appearance. I was so thrilled to be there because I knew it had been coming. My friend and I had gone on Star Tours and I don't remember what else. I had decided to walk to Epcot because I figured it would be a while before the boat came. I had rushed over to the restaurant but they wouldn't seat me until my parents arrived but still kept the table ready for us. As soon as my parents arrived, we were seated immediately. We had dinner at Tutto Italia Ristorante. I definitely recommend this restaurant. After dinner, we found some a handicap area to watch Illuminations:Reflections of Earth. I was hoping my dad and I would of been able to go on Test Track but it was okay. We headed back to the resort.

Saturday Nov 21
Its our official last day at the resort. We got up early and packed my car. We headed over to the Poly for breakfast at Ohanas. We weren't very impressed. The food was okay and the characters almost skipped over us but then they remembered about us. They did have photopass photographers with the characters but only one of the characters had a photographer with them when they came to our table but cast members were more then happy to take our pictures. After breakfast we headed back to the resort to use the last of our snacks then pick up my car because my parents weren't flying out until Sunday. We went to the one hotel my mom had set up but it was by a local prison and we weren't comfortable staying there. We ended up at a hotel on international drive. Once we got our room they settled in and we walked to find Olive Garden but it ended up being a long distance so we settled for Red Robin which the waitress wasn't very good. Once we got back to the hotel, we said our goodbyes and I headed home because I had to work the next morning. My friend was able to drive them to the airport which both my parents and I were very grateful for.

I will get pictures in a little bit.

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Sounds like a very magical vacation for you and your parents. Lots of VIP treatment! awesome

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We are officially set up for January 29-February 4, 2017 at Pop Century.