No More "Storytime With Belle"

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No More "Storytime With Belle"

Apparently "Storytime with Belle" is getting replaced by a "Tangled" thing:

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Awee..that's a bummer! I loved Storytime with Belle it was cute.
I am sure the "Tangled thing" will be good too though!


mickey Bella

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Despite never actually paying any attention to this "show," I find this kind of sad. Hopefully the new one will be as appealing.

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I always prefer the more "classic" characters to be more present. So while Belle isn't super old, she beats out the girl from the movie that hasn't even been released yet!

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I'm really intrigued to see how they're going to do Rapunzel's hair in a face character. Maybe at the end of the film, she cuts her hair so they'll just have her that way. Hmm...