Our last minute Disney weekend

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AnnielovesDisney wrote:
amy1989 wrote:
just trying to catch up on everybodys report and at 9am UK time that BOG meal was just what I needed!!!!!!

you have the best hubby!!!!! I would love to be surprised with a trip but i think the 9 hour flight would give it away!!!!

I would think after a few hours on the plane, you'd probably figure it out laugh I Figured it out about 1 1/2 hours away from Disney when we didn't take the exit we were supposed to take. I Normally hate surprises but this was an awesome surprise!

if we were driving I would be the same as you (then again I drive us everywhere in the UK so I'd love to challenge my mam to get round that!)

as long as I don't know I'm going to be surprised I'm okay with it but if someone says they are planning a surprise for me I'm no good I have to know!!!

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Wow..great report..making my Monday a magical one.. birthday More please..