Riverside or French Quater please help !!

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Riverside or French Quater please help !!

Hi All
It's that time of year again yay , getting ready to call to finalize the plans for our next trip.. BUT my wife and I have been hearing mixed reviews for both areas of the Port Orleans.. This will be our first time staying there, we wanted a change since the past 6 times been at the Caribbean Beach.
I looking for any feedback from people who have stayed at the Port either side (food courts, pools, rooms), all and any information will be helpful so we can make a final decision...

Thanks Again

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We've stayed at Riverside twice - once in the Mansions and once in Alligator Bayou. We enjoyed both stays and preferred the Bayou. We had stayed at Caribbean Beach before we stayed at Riverside and enjoyed it much better. The food court had better fresh options and a better selection at Riverside compared to CB. The bus rides to Epcot and MK are also quicker. I would choose Riverside over French Quarter due to food options and better theming in my opinion. Of course, FQ is smaller so it would really depend on what you are looking for. I'm sure you'll be happy with either one and find them both better than Caribbean Beach.

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We just got back from staying at Port Orleans French Quarter a few weeks ago and LOVED it. We both agreed it is our favorite resort we've stayed at so far, even above Saratoga Springs (our only deluxe to date). It's super small so a lot less walking to get to the main building, pool, boat to Disney Springs, etc. The food court area was great (don't miss the beignets or the shimp and grits breakfast bowl) and the cast members were all fantastic. Our daughter loved the sea monster water slide and would have preferred skipping the parks for the pool on several days.

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POFQ is our go to resort. We love the size, the fact that it only has one bus stop, and it is so quaint and fun. And of course, there are those amazing beignets! I've stayed at both POFQ and PORS and I much prefer POFQ!


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I would have to say POFQ based on size alone. It is by far my favorite resort. We walked over to Riverside a few times, but it is so much bigger. I really appreciated having my room close after a full day of walking and it was so quiet and relaxing.


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I have stayed at both Riverside and FQ and my favorite is FQ. It is smaller and quiet but it is easy to get to Riverside by walking or taking the boat.

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I've never stayed at either resort but have walked through both and based solely on appearance I would choose French Quarter. It's a bit more visually appealing in my opinion.

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I've stayed at both and will consider both for future trips. If I had to chose between the two, I would pick French Quarter.


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I like both resorts a lot, but I woud lean ever so slightly to Riverside, especially if you're willing to upgrade to a royal room because who doesn't love fireworks on their headboard? FQ has direct buses for two parks, but for the other two, you have to ride all the way around Riverside before you are on your way. You may drop off at FQ on the way back to Riverside occasionally depending on the time of day, but FQ is only one stop. Riverside is 4. The boat to Disney Springs now runs directly from Riverside, so that is a transportation time savings over the old system. (FQ also has a separate direct boat now.) The store and quick service dining are more diverse at Riverside. Of course, FQ does have beignets....


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Welcome Ash! welcome

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POFQ, no doubt & we've stayed at both sides. It is my our favorite resort, and that includes several deluxe resorts we've stayed at. As I've said before it's like going to the big easy without the crime.


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