Rumor's of Cars Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios scrapped!

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Rumor's of Cars Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios scrapped!

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That's okay. I didn't really want Cars land recreated in Florida anyway. I was hoping for one or two Cars themed rides though.

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yay I'm pretty excited about that story.

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I would not have minded seeing Cars Land at DHS, but I'm much happier about the Star Wars project. I can always go to Anaheim to see Cars Land.

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Cars land would have been cool, but as a StarWars fan I'm still very happy....



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I love Star Wars yay

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yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay



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Thought I'd revive this thread as I read today that it's a possible new project..I can photo info and post if required..But has anyone else heard any new stuff..Seems it's going where Backlot Tour was..?...

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Very happy about Star Wars but cars land would have been fun. DHS needs more attractions.