Sawyer's 3rd Birthday - Pre-Trip Report

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Sawyer's 3rd Birthday - Pre-Trip Report


We are headed to see the Mouse for Sawyer's 3rd Birthday and we could not be more excited! We have been talking about this trip since last year, but finally decided on dates back in July, so we were past the first day to book ADR's. I am happy with what we got, but am still stalking daily for O'Hana or Sci-Fi to open up!! Fingers Crossed!! Sawyer is 37" right now, so I am hoping she will grow ONE MORE inch before November so she can ride Slinky Dog!

Anywho, on with the pre-trip report! I just booked our FP's this past Sunday and pretty much finalized our itinerary yesterday. It was so weird picking FP's and ADR's knowing we have a toddler in tow. Now the countdown can begin.

Our plan is to take is slow. We obviously will not be able to do everything on our list.. but we don't want a cranky toddler either! So naptime will be crucial! LOL!

November 14-1, 2019 - All Start Movies

Thursday - Arrive MCO around 7pm, ME to resort and bed

Breakfast - Snack
Park - Animal Kingdom
Lunch - Yak and Yeti Quick Service
Park - Hollywood Studios (we have FP's for Frozen Ever After, Toy Story Mania, and Voyage of Little Mermaid)
Dinner - 50's Prime Time

Breakfast - Resort
Park - MK
Lunch - Chef Mickey's
Nap time
Park - MK
Dinner - Pecos Bill's
We have FP's for Enchanted Tales, Barnstormer, and Peter Pan

Breakfast - Snack
Park - Epcot (we have FP's for Spaceship Earth, Frozen, and Turtle Talk)
Lunch - UK
Nap Time
Park - Probably HS because I feel like we will not have enough time with our FP's and dinner on Friday
Dinner - Mama Melrose

Breakfast - Cape May
Depart MCO around 1:30


November 14-18, 2019 | All Star Movies

March 2-10, 2012 | Pop

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Sounds like a great plan! She is such a little sweetie and is going to have such a great time! We lucked out in that our little one was really good at sleeping in the stroller if we gave her some of her blankies and stuffed animals and pulled the top down so that she didn't have distractions. It was a life saver and we got to soak in more of the magic ourselves while she was napping rather then having to get back to the hotel. Now that she's older and not napping, I'M the one that wants to go back for a nap! laugh

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That all sounds like so much fun! 3-5 is my favorite age range to take kids because everything is so full of magic for them. You are going to have a fantastic time.