The 10 Top Things To Do At Walt Disney World According To My 21 Year Old

I will admit right now, I got a little help with this article from my son, who has been dragged by his Mother on Disney vacations his entire life. As he's mentioned recently, I'm old, so I enlisted his expertise (read - guilted him into helping) on sharing what he thinks is the best of Walt Disney World for young "hip" adults. I don't know, for me being so old, the list doesn't seem all that much different than what I like to do. So - here we go - take it away Kirk!

Is Kirk The One True King?Is Kirk The One True King?

1. The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival takes on a whole new excitement once you can not only eat, but drink your way around the world. If you're a young adult planning your first "grown-up" vacation to Disney on your own, fall is a fantastic time of year to do it.

2. Shopping at Walt Disney World is like a sporting event in our family. If you save carefully before you go, and avoid the kitschy tourist stuff, you can come home from your vacation with a serious haul. If fact, Disney haul videos are quite the rage on YouTube these days. Shop until you drop and then post the lot.

3. Ride All The Rides! How many mountains can you conquer in one day? What's the maximum number of Parks that you've hopped to? Make sure you have a list and a plan for your theme park strategy. Just one word of advice " give your stomach a rest between a full meal and the roller coasters.

4. One of our readers pointed out to me that my son left out a #4! But our great facebook fans Rachel W. and Tori H. say that Disney's restaurants are the amazing and that now as adults they love to check out the world class dining.

Ride All The Rides!Ride All The Rides!

5. Even on a non-Park day you can get your ride on by making a monorail crawl. Whether your stopping at each resort to shop, eat, take pictures, or have a cocktail at the many bars a monorail crawl is good for hours of fun. Hotel hopping is the best way to decide where you want to stay on your next trip!

6. Get pictures with your favorite childhood characters. Character meets are for people of all ages, and as an adult you should never feel weird about getting your picture taken with your childhood favorites. You can even turn collecting character pictures and experiences into a competition with your siblings or friends.

7. Play the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Card Game! This isn't just a game for little kids; Disney Geeks of all ages will love the collectible card game that takes you through an interactive adventure through the Magic Kingdom. This one is especially great if you go frequently and don't mind missing a ride or two.

Kirk Knows How To Escort a PrincessKirk Knows How To Escort a Princess

8. Set up a meet up for you and your friends! These days people are friends are making friends on a global level, and Walt Disney World is an amazing place to meet up with friends that you may otherwise only know online. Sharing your love of Disney is an amazing way to break the ice.

9. At night, the Jungle Cruise takes on a whole new atmosphere and intrigue. Go ahead an go during the day, but come back and ride again a night for a more exciting adventure.

10. Disney Pin Trading is a hobby that can last you for years that can not only help you make memories, but friends that last for years. Buy pins that you want to collect, but always keep a few you're willing to trade with others. Not only will it give you a reason to talk to people if you're going solo, but with the right pin you can really make someone's day.

Kirk Decked Out In His Pin Trading Gear, with Pal Buzz LightyearKirk Decked Out In His Pin Trading Gear, with Pal Buzz Lightyear

Are you a "twenty-something" who loves Walt Disney World? What are your favorite things to do while on vacation? Leave a comment and let us know!

jenllip wrote on Tue, 03/22/2016 - 19:12:

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As a twenty-something, I cannot say enough good things about the Food and Wine Festival, especially if you're not into ALL the rides. It's where I first tried boozy desserts ;)

Bonus points if you time it right in November to catch the end of the Festival AND the beginning of the holiday season festivities and decorations!

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