5 Points Of Can’t Miss Fun at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Travelers new to planning Walt Disney World vacations often ask me for advice where to start. With so many areas and activities in one place, knowing what to see and do can seem like a daunting task. My advice to them is to break it down by visiting just one Park a day, and creating a list with 5 points of can't miss fun. Obviously you're going to see and do more than 5 things in a day, but once you've crossed off those "musts" you can just relax and consider everything else bonus fun. Here's my 5 Points Of Can't Miss Fun at Disney's Animal Kingdom for Summer 2018.

5 Points Of Can't Miss Fun at Disney's Animal Kingdom5 Points Of Can't Miss Fun at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Flights of Passage - Get a FastPass+ for this, or be prepared to wait in one very, very long line. Once you're though, climb aboard the back of a mountain banshee and set off for an exhilarating flight, above Pandora. It's one of the most moving journeys you'll every make in a Theme Park.

Na'vi River Journey - Take a a 41/2-minute boat ride deep into the beautiful Pandoran jungle. Cruise past exotic alien flora and fauna, while experiencing some of the most sophisticated technology Disney has created to date.

The Shaman of Songs on the Na'vi River Journey attractionThe Shaman of Songs on the Na'vi River Journey attraction

Kilimanjaro Safari - This ride through the African animal enclosures is probably the quintessential Animal Kingdom attraction. Do it early in the day for a solid safari experience, but then come back after dark for something different and exciting.

Expedition Everest - This thrill ride is another exciting adventure that only gets better after dark. Guests will wind their way through a Himalayan base camp exploring art and artifacts throughout the queue, before boarding a train to ascend the Forbidden Mountain.

Are you brave enough to conquer Everest?Are you brave enough to conquer Everest?

Tiffins & The Nomad Lounge - This signature Disney dining experience is the absolute best that Disney's Animal Kingdom culinary team has to offer. Stunning world flavors make up a food and beverage menu that has too many wins to count.

Bonus Fun! Brand new in 2018 is the UP! A Great Bird Adventure. This bright new show brings guests up close to some of the most spectacular members of the avian world as Wilderness Explorer Russell and his pal Dug learn all about birds.

Colorful Species Take Flight To Delight CrowdsUP! A Great Bird Adventure

I am a huge fan of Disney's Animal Kingdom after dark, though I know that it isn't everyone's cup of tea since many of the animals are asleep. However for me the combination of the natural elements and the Disney lighting effects are positively transporting. You don't just feel like you're in a Florida Theme Park, you feel like you have crossed over to another time and place. Are you headed to Disney's Animal Kingdom anytime soon? What are you looking forward to most? Leave a comment and let me know!

JeffC wrote on Thu, 05/03/2018 - 18:33:

Hey, what a timely article!! Joe and I were just at Animal Kingdom yesterday (Wednesday) and will be back on Friday!

I feel like yelling BINGO! We hit 4 of your 5 points!! Here are my thoughts on the first 2:

1.Flight of Passage: incredible experience! On Wednesday Stand By times varied from 75 minutes to 150 throughout the day. At 30 days out as a Passholder, I tried to get a FP. No luck, until finally a week before our visit Joe scored one for this Friday.

Our tip if you can't get one: keep trying!

I was all happy with that one, but yesterday morning at 6:50 am I was checking and another one popped up for that evening! So I swapped out our Na'vi River Journey FP for a FoP FP. When we got to the FP entrance, the Stand By wait was 95 minutes; but we were on and seated within 10.

We can't wait to do it again tomorrow morning via our other FP!

2. Na'vi River Journey: gorgeous ride. As noted above, we had a FP for last night but swapped it for a FoP FP. And I could not find another either on Wednesday or Friday. And the wait times were just as bad as FoP.

We had a FP for the Rivers of Light show that ran for 9:15 - 9:30 pm (great show by the way!). Since we wanted to see Pandora at night, we decide to walk over after RoL. As we were walking decided to check Na'vi wait times. The app said 15 minutes! Woo! So we picked up the pace and made it over, and sure enough still said 15 minutes. We walked right onto the ride.

Kristen K. wrote on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 19:14:

Kristen K.'s picture

Thanks so much for your review! I just booked a Rivers of Light dinning package for my visit in October and I can't wait to see it live.

JeffC wrote on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 21:08:

Oh you will totally enjoy! Note that the regular FP entrance was over by Expedition Everest and the Dining Package FP entrance was on the other side by Nemo. In case they don't tell you that with the package. But who knows if it will still be like that in October!

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