5 Tips for Candid Photos On Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Candid photographs are one ways that you can increase the storytelling of your Walt Disney World vacation. While posed photos tend to be a staple of vacation pictures, they only go so far in the way of sharing the experience that your group was having. Candid photography is authentic and honest in its emotion, but it can be tough to get right. Here are 5 tips for candid vacation photos that will help you tell the story of your trip.

5 Tips for Candid Photos On Your Walt Disney World Vacation5 Tips for Candid Photos On Your Walt Disney World Vacation

Candid is a photographs are those that have been captured without creating a posed appearance. The great thing about candid photography is that it is a fantastic way to capture comfortable images of those family members that get awkward when you try and pose them. You can be sure there is at least one of those in every family.

My Kids Heading To Pioneer HallMy Kids Heading To Pioneer Hall
Playing A Game Of Checkers At Pioneer HallPlaying A Game Of Checkers At Pioneer Hall

1. First Step Away

While on vacation I always try to take some time where I hang back a bit to take pictures without my family waiting around for me. This gives my family the chance to go ahead and do their thing, without me taking pictures in their mind. After I spend some time taking pictures of scenery, and work back closer to my family so that I have the ability to capture them in my frames. Now is a great time to use your long lens to capture them in queues, shopping, and taking in Disney entertainment.

Don't Forget To Capture The Times In BetweenDon't Forget To Capture The Times In Between

2. Use Ambient Light, Not Flash

I rarely turn my flash on while in Disney, and edit the light in post-production only if I need to. Using ambient light is also a great way to show the passage of time and create mood in the story that is being told. Get to know the light setting on your camera now so that you can quickly adjust your exposure setting accordingly. Nothing is less stealthy than a flash going on in people's face, and if you are getting shots on an attraction, it's a huge no no.

Resting At The End of The DayResting At The End of The Day

3. Never Put Your Camera Down

If I had a dollar for the awesome shots I've missed pulling my camera out of the bag and taking the lens cap off I would be rich. I know that having your camera in your hand isn't always fun, especially if you have a heavy DSLR. There are plenty of times I'd rather be carrying a Mickey Bar, but candid shot opportunities always happen when you least expect. Take a minute to access the situation your family is in, if there is potential for fun, be sure to have your camera at the ready. Candid shots of cast members can help express a setting.

Candid Cast Shots Help Share The ShowCandid Cast Shots Help Share The Show
Piano Man Jim Is One Of My Favorite Cast MembersPiano Man Jim Is One Of My Favorite Cast Members

4. Shoot in Burst or Sports Mode

Candid moments happen quickly, and if you hesitate, they're gone forever. To be able to get several shots quickly, put your camera into burst, drive, or sports mode. This should give you several images to go through so that you can find the perfect shots that tell your story. You can't take too many pictures, and it is likely that 1 in 20 will come out less than desirable, but as Dory would say "Just Keep Shooting."

You Never Know When Your Family Will Start DancingYou Never Know When Your Family Will Start Dancing

5. Memory Maker Is Your Friend

I'm not usually a huge advocate for groups with family photographers to get the Disney PhotoPass Package, however it was gifted to me on a recent trip and the candid pictures and video of our family on the rides were wonderful. There are just some shots that only Disney can get, and if you want them in your collection, it's worth your time and money to get the package.

The Candid Mine Train Shots Are PricelessThe Candid Mine Train Shots Are Priceless

Great vacation photography is all about telling the full story of your experience, and candid images help to fill in details that can often be lost to our memories. These little moments, times that we spend shopping, dining, and waiting in lines can actually encompass a great deal of our trips. Candid photography doesn't only capture the things that your family does, but shows more of what the experience was like through the motion and emotion that it captures. Was the Park crowded? Did you wait long? Candid shots can help you answer these questions visually.

Those First Three People In Line Belong To MeHey Guys - Don't Forget My Dole Whip

Do you shoot candid pictures on your Disney trips? Will you give it a try next time? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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