Anything is Possible When You ‘Dream Along With Mickey’ At The Magic Kingdom

While most people head to Epcot for great bands and music, the Magic Kingdom also offers some fun options to see a show, especially if you're traveling with younger guests. Since its debut in 2006, Mickey Mouse and friends have take to the Cinderella Castle Stage several times a day for the spectacular 'Dream Along with Mickey' show.

Dream Along With Mickey Shares An Important MessageDream Along With Mickey Shares An Important Message

Minnie, Donald, and Goofy start off the show by prepare of a delightful party where Dreams are sure to come true. Performers sing and dance around the stage as they welcome you to a castle party of dreams, but Donald isn't so sure that dreams are important. The gang tells Donald that "the only way for dreams to come true is if you believe in them." It's sage advice and relays a message to the audience that Walt Disney himself would have approved of - never stop dreaming.

Minnie Dreams of Being A PrincessMinnie Dreams of Being A Princess

The first guests arrive, the Disney Princesses with their Princely escorts. They burst into classic songs as they waltz around the stage reminding us all that beautiful things can happen "Once Upon a Dream." Minnie Mouse laments that she's always dreamed of being a Princess, and charming Mickey tells shares that she's always been a Princess to him.

Good Things Can Happen Once Upon A DreamGood Things Can Happen Once Upon A Dream

Goofy tells Donald that his dream is full of fun and adventure - and is answered by Peter Pan, who helps create a delightful romp with Pirates and exciting swordplay! Even doubtful Donald gets into the act as he's turned into Captain Hook - until the real Hook arrives to quash their dreams.

After an exciting battle, Maleficent arrives in a burst of smoke and is decidedly upset that she, once again, didn't receive and invitation to the party! She's one angry villain and share's that her dream is to make sure that this becomes a place where nightmares come true! Note to self: always include Maleficent on the guest list.

Peter Pan Battles Captain HookPeter Pan Battles Captain Hook

Donald becomes the hero and steps up to stop Maleficent saying that he believes in dreams and Mickey stands by his side repeating that important message - "As long as we all believe in dreams, the power of dreams will always triumph." With a little help from the audience, they harness the power of dreams and send Maleficent and her evil cohort Captain Hook running.

Anything is possible when you believe in your dreams.

To Vanquish A Villain Believe In Your DreamsTo Vanquish A Villain Believe In Your Dreams

This castle show runs about 20 minutes long and creates many lovely 'feel good' moments with it's delightful story and rousing song. It's an excellent chance to see some of the most popular Disney Characters perform in song and dance. Due to it's outdoor location this show is subject to cancellation due to weather considerations. Showtimes for Dream Along With Mickey are subject to change, so be sure to check the schedule in the times guide when you're in the Magic Kingdom.

Have you seen Dream Along With Mickey? What do you like best about the show? Do you have a dream? Leave a comment below and let us know what your dream is!

JoAnn C wrote on Fri, 09/13/2013 - 23:57:

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I want to see this show but always seem to miss it.

Kristen K. wrote on Sat, 09/14/2013 - 17:34:

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But I highly suggest seeing it in person when you get a chance.

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