Breakfast at Be Our Guest – The Good and the Not-So-Good

A meal at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom is still one of the most sought after reservations at all of Walt Disney World Resort. Earlier this year it was announced that breakfast was going to be offered permanently, in addition to the quick service lunch and table service dinner offerings.

What do you think about breakfast at Be Our Guest?What do you think about breakfast at Be Our Guest?

When it was announced that reservations were being accepted for the breakfast hours I quickly jumped online and much to my surprise was able to book a reservation for a party of 10 on Thanksgiving morning. I was rather excited about this as my family had enjoyed a great lunch at Be Our Guest last year.

As is the case with lunch or dinner Advance Dining Reservations at Be Our Guest you'll need to check in at the "arrival kiosk" which is located just before the bridge to the main building. We had arrived at about 8:10 a.m. for our 8:30 a.m. reservation and we were told to head to the main entrance of the restaurant.

A cast member escorted us into the castle where we were queued up next to the suits of armor. A suggestion: listen closely to the suits of armor. You might hear them talking or even snoring.

Suits of armor in the Be Our Guest queueSuits of armor in the Be Our Guest queue

We hadn't pre-ordered our meals before arriving at Be Our Guest, but that wasn't an issue. We had three families in our party of 10 and each family was quickly dispatched to an ordering kiosk. Since my daughter has several food allergies we requested to speak with the chef and within a couple of minutes he appeared to walk us through the safe options.

Once we selected the allergies (peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame seeds) the screen showed us the safe options and my daughter chose the waffles. Sadly they weren't Mickey waffles but were just boring round waffles (womp womp). The pastries that normally come with the meals were not safe but chef assured us that a safe plate of breads would come with the waffles. It didn't. This was one of the small issues we discovered at breakfast.

Allergy-safe waffles at Be Our GuestAllergy-safe waffles at Be Our Guest

After our orders were placed our party of 10 quickly found a large table in the center of the ballroom and went about picking up real silverware (I love this about Be Our Guest: no plastic silverware even though it is a quicks service!). Several minutes later our food arrived via a rolling cart.

Since it was Thanksgiving and we were on vacation I decided to splurge at breakfast and ordered the Croissant Doughnut. It was basically dessert for breakfast: a fried croissant doughnut topped with banana-caramel sauce, pastry creme, and chocolate ganache. I'm not gonna lie, it was divine.

Several members in our group ordered the Open Face Bacon and Egg Sandwich and it was a huge disappointment. The sandwich features poached eggs, Applewood bacon, brie cheese, and arugula on a toasted baguette. Every order at our table came out with ice cold poached eggs. The general consensus was that it would have been an incredible dish if the eggs were hot but with the cold eggs is was not-so-spectacular.

Croissant Doughnut at breakfastCroissant Doughnut at breakfast

Our table also had three plates of pastries (each meal comes with fresh fruit and pastries and the pastries are served family-style). The pastries were good, but you'll find tastier options at Les Halles in Epcot's France pavilion. The best option was the chocolate croissant. And as I mentioned before, the allergy-safe breads were never delivered. I would have asked a cast member for them but once our food was delivered we never saw another member of the wait staff.

On the bright side, dining inside Be Our Guest is an experience in itself. The restaurant is incredibly gorgeous and features amazing themeing. And at the holidays it is even prettier. The ballroom dining room was decorated with garland and a Christmas tree which just added to the beauty of the room.

And of course it's still fun to visit the other dining rooms after you've finished your meal. One of these visits I'll actually eat inside the West Wing instead of just peeking at the enchanted rose on my way out.

The ballroom decorated for ChristmasThe ballroom decorated for Christmas

Overall, if I had to choose one quick service meal to enjoy at Be Our Guest I'd have to go with lunch. Even though I really enjoyed the Croissant Doughnut at breakfast I have to say that the food at lunch was better. Plus, you get cupcakes at lunch and nothing beats a Master's Cupcake.

Have you dined at Be Our Guest? Do you prefer breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Let us know in the comments.

Jason Honingford wrote on Mon, 12/07/2015 - 14:19:

Jason Honingford's picture

Did you have the place to yourself at 8:30? We went for lunch once and we were able to pick any table we wanted. Getting there at the first time slot is a good idea.

Christy wrote on Mon, 12/07/2015 - 16:26:

Christy's picture

We recently had the good fortune of getting a last minute reservation for dinner at Be Our Guest at 6 pm the night of the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party. We were there a few minutes early per instructed, but we waited a while to be escorted inside. It took a while to receive our meals. I had the steak, which was very large, but lacked in flavor and was tough, although I ordered it medium. My son had the shrimp and scallops which was tasty, but the sides were also lacking in flavor. Although the dining room was beautiful, it was loud and the service was just okay. We had dined there for lunch earlier in the year and enjoyed the quick service menu with the rolling carts. Dinner was lack luster. Go for lunch.

Corrine Bolton wrote on Mon, 12/07/2015 - 16:49:

Corrine Bolton's picture

Glad to hear you had a good experience & that you found a table for your party of 10! You got lucky. We went end of October & had a party of 8 - reservations in hand, only to be told seating is rush - and oh by the way you're not supposed to move chairs that could block the isles - so good luck finding a table (still more than a little cranky about that - especially after all the time trying to book the reservation) some of our meals showed up room temp & disappointing. I would love to try again but only if it's table service & includes an actual reserved table - if I want to go rush seating I'll pass.

rubaru wrote on Mon, 12/07/2015 - 17:12:

rubaru's picture

I had a completely wonderful experience the time I went for breakfast when it was still in the trial period in May 2015. I am gluten-free, but was still able to order the open faced sandwich. My eggs were not cold, but the way it is served (with cold lettuce) makes it go cold very quickly. If you order this, consider no wasting any time getting after it! Since I am gluten-free, I was offered alternatives to the pastries, which included 3 kinds of coffee-cakes. A cinnamon crumble, chocolate, and banana. All were just fine. My wife ordered the assorted meats and cheeses. The meat and cheese were all very fresh. It didn't look like a lot of food, but, when combined with her "normal" pastry plate, she left very content with her meal.

Jason - We had 8:00 reservation and most certainly did NOT have the place to ourselves. Despite being before the park opening, there were about 20-30 other people getting off the monorail with us going directly to BOG.

Donna, wrote on Mon, 12/07/2015 - 17:30:

Donna,'s picture

We were just there on 11 18 . My hub and had the dish with poached eggs and loved it. Our pastry dish was wonderful . My daughter and I both had the one with ham. We both loved it though neither one of us finished it. We had multiple cast members stop by. We ate breakfast and dinner there this time.

Traci C wrote on Mon, 12/07/2015 - 18:46:

Jason - It was rather empty when we first arrived - no waiting in the queue at all prior to ordering. But the crowd level quickly grew and all three dining rooms were full when we left at about 9:15.

Liesbeth wrote on Mon, 12/07/2015 - 21:06:

Liesbeth's picture

We went at Be our Guest for breakfast when it just was in may 2015.
We ordered the croissant Doughnut and the open face egg bacon. This one was cold and we told this to a server. It took a while to find some, but after a long wait a "head" server brought us 2 new one at our surprise. Now we had 3 meals. The eggs were warm, not hot, but I liked it. Also the fruit was nice. And yes the croissant was great.
I love the restaurant.
We had lunch there twice. And I prefer that. I think food is better and price is also better then breakfast.

Donna Magaril wrote on Wed, 12/09/2015 - 01:04:

Donna Magaril's picture

We were so happy getting a lunch reservation at BOG...To say the least we were very disappointed in the good at lunch...Found the menu to be limited. I was not prepared for the open seating.It was extremely busy and noisy.The rooms were very pretty but we were there for the food and for that we will probably not so back. The Crystal Palace is a much better choice and includes characters.

IslandHighlander wrote on Fri, 02/05/2016 - 16:53:

This is a very busy location. The open 'rush' seating is a bit daunting, especially for a larger group. There was nothing about the food or service which would prevent us from doing another breakfast here. My one caveat however was the beverage station. It backs up fast. In the ballroom where we dined I only encountered one. What seems to be one difficulty is that though all cups appear very similar, they are not. The tops are marginally different, so if you make the mistake of taking a soft drink cup to put your coffee in, and try to put a coffee 'sip' top on it, it will not fit, though the fit is so close, any attempt to 'make it fit' will just cause a mess. Also, during the time we were dining, a portion of the station seemed to be behind a curtain, perhaps maybe while an area of it was being restocked, causing less space for the caffeine seeking 'not quite awake' masses to stack up. Maybe the addition of another beverage station at the other end of the ballroom might ease some of this congestion. Otherwise, we will be looking forward to making reservations here again in the future.

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