Caramel Apples from Storybook Circus' Big Top Treats

Big beautiful caramel apples have become one of the signature treats of the talented confectioners at Walt Disney World and Big Top Treats inside the Magic Kingdom's Storybook Circus is one place that you can find them making 'em up fresh. The open candy kitchen takes center stage under this big top and guests are able to watch cast members create all sorts of sweets.

Big Top TreatsBig Top Treats

A favorite fall taste of Americana, caramel apples (sometimes called taffy apples) are made by dipping whole apples-on-a-stick in hot melted caramel, and then sometimes (many times at Disney World) rolling them in another tasty topping or adding a festive decoration. Disney is whipping up some creative flavors that take these gourmet sweets to the next level. In addition to the showpiece holiday and character themed apples, you'll find delicious flavors like the White Chocolate Caramel Apple Pie Apple, Milk Chocolate Butterfinger Caramel Apple, and the Chocolate Oreo Caramel Apple.

Making Mickey Apples With Marshmallow EarsMaking Mickey Apples With Marshmallow Ears

The super large apples are a little to much just to take a bite out of, so I suggest tackling this extra large sweet with a knife. Cast members will be happy to slice them up for you and stick them in a small container - all you have to do is ask. One apple is large enough to be shared with a couple of friends.

Wrapped Caramel Apples Ready To EatWrapped Caramel Apples Ready To Eat

Want more information about the magnificent Disney Caramel Apples? Head on over and visit our friends at the Disney Food Blog for a plethora of articles on the tasty treats at Disney Parks from coast to coast.

Are these big apples one of your favorite Disney snacks? Leave a comment and let us know what you think about this sweet treat!

JMUDukz wrote on Mon, 10/14/2013 - 02:12:

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I got an apple pie apple (caramel, white chocolate, cinnamon sugar, and graham crackers). Highly recommend!!

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