A Casual Bar For Beer Lovers BaseLine Tap House

Located on Grand Avenue in Disney's Hollywood Studios the BaseLine Tap House is a relatively new addition to the Park. A casual bar, BaseLine occupies the spot formerly home to The Writers Stop. Now, instead of coffee and pastry the location boast California beer and cider, as well as cocktails and fine wines along side a few specialty snacks.

Snack It Up At BaseLine Tap HouseSnack It Up At BaseLine Tap House

The decor at BaseLine has an industrial vibe, with the back story being the building once operated as the Figueroa Printing Company. Linked to the golden years of Disney Studios in Burbank, CA, Disney history buffs will delight in bits of printed Disneyland memorabilia scattered throughout the space. Those who look closely will also note a nod to the former Writer's Stop.

The majority of the interior space is taken up by the bar, with a smattering of interior seating along the windows. Guests who sit inside will find the space is air conditioned, and soft rock music plays over the speakers. Taking a seat at the interior counter my daughter and I discovered several USB Electrical outlets beneath the window for guests to charge up at.

Place Your Order At The BarPlace Your Order At The Bar
Letters From The Writers Stop Are Included In The DecorLetters From The Writers Stop Are Included In The Decor
Limited Interior Seating Is AvailableLimited Interior Seating Is Available

Outside in the courtyard seating is more amply available. Hightop bar tables and low picnic tables are shaded by pretty burgundy umbrellas during the day. After dark, strings of cafe lights glow overhead to create a cozy atmosphere for chilling out with your friends and family. Outdoor fans dot the courtyard overhead and keep air flowing through the space on even the hottest summer day. I must admit that I'm charmed by this courtyard after dark as it takes on the air of a friendly neighborhood bar where all the locals meet to relax.

BaseLine Tap House Courtyard SeatingBaseLine Tap House Courtyard Seating

The star of the show at BaseLine is beer, with 18 different selections on tap, as well as the ability to create your own beer flight. As I watched others order, creating flights tended to be very popular option. If you are not quite sure what you want there's no need t worry. Simply ask the bar tender if you can get a taster of what you are interested in. Guests are able to try a few of the selections before making a purchase.

Create Your Own Beer FlightsCreate Your Own Beer Flights

I'm not a beer drinker, and at first felt that this put me slight at a disadvantage at BaseLine. Happily there were plenty of other options available for me to enjoy. BaseLine Tap House also offers a selection of soda, cider, wine and cocktails all on tap.

I chose the Ace Space Bloody Orange Hard Cider, which I had heard wonderful things about from a good number of Disney regulars. An unfiltered cider, Ace Space Bloody Orange has a luminous rosy hue and plenty of bubble. The bitter notes of Blood Orange are prominent and it finishes slightly dry.

Ace Space Bloody Orange Hard CiderAce Space Bloody Orange Hard Cider

My daughter ordered the Blue Sky Black Cherry Soda, which we both found bright and refreshing. Such a unique soda on tap was a real treat, and purchase of a soda on tap comes with as many refills as you want while at the lounge.

Blue Sky Black Cherry SodaBlue Sky Black Cherry Soda

We ordered the California Cheese and Charcuterie Plate. I'm usually a big fan of these, and visually this one looked delicious, but a little flat for me in the taste department. It included Toma Farmstead Cheese, Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese, Laura Chenel's Sonoma Goat Cheese, Chorizo and Calabrese Salami, Cornichons, Grapes and Toasted Baguettes.

All of the cheeses had very strong flavors, and we didn't feel like the items on the board complimented each other as well as they could have. Looking back at my notes, I commented that the best parts were the Calabrese Salami, Cornichons, and Grapes.

California Cheese and Charcuterie PlateCalifornia Cheese and Charcuterie Plate
Detail of the Point Reyes Original Blue CheeseDetail of the Point Reyes Original Blue Cheese

Another option on the snack menu is a massive Bavarian Pretzel that is served with Beer Cheese Fondue and Spicy Mustard. We didn't get a chance to try this, but they were selling like mad while we were there and the people eating them all seemed to be enjoying their snacks very much.

Bavarian Pretzel Served with Beer Cheese Fondue and Spicy MustardBavarian Pretzel Served with Beer Cheese Fondue and Spicy Mustard
The Pretzels Seemed Wildly PopularThe Pretzels Seemed Wildly Popular

An allergy note: I had an almost immediate reaction to something in my cider that caused me to race for a big dose of benadryl. When I asked the cast member if they had detailed ingredients for the product I was told that such information just wasn't available. As I don't have any known food allergies, and told the cast member as much, she was fairly dismissive of my concerns. I've always had a very positive experience when dining with friends who have food allergies while at Disney. Apparently however there are limits, and knowing what went into the beverage was one of them.

My thanks to the Disney Food Blog for sharing some of their BaseLine Tap House images with us. Overall my daughter and I were underwhelmed with the time we spent at this casual lounge. Though more expensive than Baseline Tap House, if I had it to do again I would probably have afternoon drinks at the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge. However - if you're looking for a beer and pretzels, or need some air conditioning and a spot to charge up your phone, BaseLine Tap House may be just the spot for you.

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