Epcot's Beautiful Japanese Gardens

Finding a quiet spot in the theme park during Walt Disney World's busy season can be tricky. However Epcot's Japan Pavilion offers a lovely retreat away from the busy path of tourists rushing by. Many guests are familiar with the magical Koi Pond in Japan, but fewer have ventured deeper within the garden to seek its source.

Epcot's Beautiful Japanese GardensEpcot's Beautiful Japanese Gardens
Paths and Bridges Lead Guests Back Into The GardensPaths and Bridges Lead Guests Back Into The Gardens

Up the delicately landscaped paths behind the Koi pond and pagoda guests will find manicured walkways leading through a peaceful niche, across bamboo bridges and higher up the hillside, the trail winds through a miniature idealized landscape reminiscent of gardens in the Momoyama period.

Goju-no-to Pagoda Seen From The GardensGoju-no-to Pagoda Seen From The Gardens

Serene pools of water gentle flow through a delicate landscape of color and texture, rockwork plays a prominent role. In the spring a family of ducks can often makes its home here, where mama can tech her ducklings to swim in the streams as well as how to hide within the lush foliage.

Gentle Running Water Flows Through The Manicured GardenGentle Running Water Flows Through The Manicured Garden

Painted paper lanterns decorated hang above the waterfall and illuminate the outdoor seating area at Katsura Grill. Guests can eat in the garden, enjoying sushi, teriyaki, savory pancakes, sake and plum wine.

Lantern Hanging Above the WaterfallLantern Hanging Above the Waterfall

At the top you can rest and listen to the distant taiko drums beating down at the Goju-no-to pagoda. An impelling waterfall rushes across carefully placed rockwork and around precisely sculpted trees. It's a wonderful spot to rest for a bit of people watching before you move on yourself to enjoy the rest of the day.

Waterfalls Rush Over RockWaterfalls Rush Over Rock

Do you enjoy taking time out in Epcot's Japan Pavilion? Have you ever explored the gardens and seen the falls? Leave comment below and share your story!

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