Epcot's Morocco Offers a Romantic Respite

Walt Disney World's Epcot theme park offers many great spots to take time out for a little romance. The Moroccan Pavilion is one of my favorite places to spend some time with my husband. Full of twist and turns you can almost imagine getting lost in the streets of the city. From the sweet smells of orange when the tangerines are in bloom, to the splash of the fountain, this pavilion's design was overseen by the King of Morocco's personal architect to be sure that Disney got it right. The Moroccan Pavilion offers a mystical world to be lost in, and is a delightful escape.

Sunlight Dances through Beautiful Moroccan GlassSunlight Dances through Beautiful Moroccan Glass
Stop by the intimate Tangierine Cafe to order some shawarma and sweet baklava dripping with honey. Grab a table in the courtyard under the orange trees. Elaborate mosaics surround you and speckled light shines though the leaves and branches. After lunch you can explore the shops. Nestled next to the water side there is a henna shop where you can have the intricate traditional designs worked on your skin by the resident henna artist. Though the design will dry in a few minutes it takes a few hours to stain properly, so this is the perfect time to head back to the cafe' grab a Tangierine Cocktail or Casablanca coffee and relax.

Morocco Waterside at SunsetMorocco Waterside at Sunset
As the sun begins to set and you talk about your day, across the promenade Mo'Rockin sets up and begins their 20-minute show. The sounds of Moroccan music played on both traditional and modern instruments fills the air. On the waterfront stage a belly dancer shimmies making a treat for the eyes and ears alike. As the lights begin to twinkle and reflect off of the water the Moroccan Pavilion only becomes more magical. UPDATE 8/29/2014: As of September 27th, 2014 Mo'Rockin' will no longer be performing at Epcot. You can find more information HERE.

What do you find most romantic about the Moroccan Pavilion? Is it the exotic foods mint to be shared and eaten with your fingers? Do you love the sounds of Moroccan music? Or is the most romantic part the detail and intricate architecture it provides? Leave me a comment below and tell me how Morocco has made magic for you and your love.

Daryl D. wrote on Wed, 12/07/2011 - 14:29:

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The Tangerine Cafe instantly became my favorite place to eat my first visit to EPCOT..trying to eat healthy on vacation? the Vegetarian Platter has an amazing combo of falafel, tabouli, couscous, pita and hummus....with a piece of baklava and a coffee...yummmmmmmy!!! It was a lunch that was so rich in vitamins it actually woke me up in the middle of a hot and busy day...and gave me fuel to finish my afternoon at EPCOT.....hats off to Morocco!!!

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