Extinct Epcot: World of Motion

We're continuing our look back at Epcot's extinct attractions -- we last took a look at Epcot's Horizons attraction.

Today we remember the World of Motion, also in Epcot Future World East.

World of Motion was an original EPCOT Center attraction, part of opening festivities on October 1, 1982. A classic Omnimover ride with plenty of Animatronics, World of Motion was a tongue-in-cheek look at the history of transportation. Conceived by the legendary Imagineer Marc Davis (also responsible for Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion, among others).

Sponsored by GM, the 15-minute ride featured a lot of gags you might remember, like the invention of the wheel (with square and triangle wheels also shown), a used chariot sale, and the world's first traffic jam.

Relive some memories with the video of a ride through the World of Motion below:

World of Motion remained at Epcot until January 2, 1996, when the ride closed to make way for a cars-only attraction with Test Track. GM remained the sponsor of Test Track until 2010.

What are your memories of the World of Motion? Do you have a favorite scene? Leave a comment below.

Mase wrote on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 12:34:

Mase's picture

I can barely remember this one. This one goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back....

admin wrote on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 14:34:

admin's picture

One of my favorites!!!

teacherdrama wrote on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 15:53:

teacherdrama's picture

I just remember my sister and I thinking of it as a classic "Epcot" ride along with Horizons and Spaceship Earth. I like Test Track, but there's something so uniquely Disney and "Epcot" about these omnimover rides.

pmaljr wrote on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 16:11:

pmaljr's picture

I still remember this ride. I just wish they had enough sense not to close the rides when they already own half of central Florida. It just seems like such a waste when there is plenty of room to add-on. (I am directly referring to Snow White's Scary Adventures)

DonaldDork wrote on Tue, 04/12/2011 - 03:01:

DonaldDork's picture

sooo.. it's kinda like Spaceship Earth but about transportation? Sorry, my first trip to WDW was in 2006. Maybe this attraction is the reason that people get so worked up over Test Track! (sorry I just dont think that waiting more than 10 min for Test Track is worth it). I think I'd enjoy this attraction more lol!

Dale wrote on Mon, 05/02/2011 - 20:33:

Dale's picture

GM is still the sponsor for Test Track :-)

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