Favorite Caramel Treats at Walt Disney World Resort

I have something to admit: I think I might love caramel more than I love chocolate. There's something about that ooey gooey sweet goodness that comes from a caramel treat and I just can't get enough. Of course, if that caramel treat is coated in chocolate it's even better.

What is your favorite caramel treat?What is your favorite caramel treat?

My love of caramel means that my favorite spot to find something sweet to eat at Disney World is Karamell-Kuche in Epcot's Germany pavilion. It is the epicenter of all things caramel at Disney, but you'll still find some great caramel snacks in other spots too.

And so, in honor of my love of all things caramel, let's take a peek at my top 5 caramel treats. And if your favorite didn't make the list be sure to leave a comment so I can add some new sweets to my must-eat list.

Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt Caramel: You can't talk about caramel treats at Disney World without mentioning Karamell-Kuche, so let's start our sweet adventure there with my all-time favorite, the Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt Caramel.

Caramel and chocolate perfectionCaramel and chocolate perfection

This is a square of caramel perfection dipped in chocolate and topped with sea salt, giving it the perfect blend of sweet and salty. Every time I visit Karamell-Kuche I vow to wait until I'm back at the hotel to eat this sweet treat, and every single time I fail and end up eating it as I walk out of the store. It's that good. My suggestion: buy a couple and hurry back to your hotel so they don't melt in the summertime heat. Then savor them in the air conditioning. ;-)

Caramel Popcorn:
Of course no stop at Karamell-Kuche is complete until you buy a bag (or three) of the homemade caramel popcorn. This is basically the ultimate in caramel treats and it is handmade several times a day at the shop. You can even watch it being made as you stand in the inevitable long line inside Karamell-Kuche. There are two bag sizes available and while the small bag is great for a quick snack, the larger bag perfect if you want to eat some now and save the rest for a midnight snack later!

Caramel corn at Karamell-Kuche!Caramel corn at Karamell-Kuche!

If you find yourself craving caramel corn while at the Magic Kingdom you'll want to stop by Big Top Treats in Fantasyland! They're also serving up house-made caramel corn and it's divine (but Karamell-Kuche is still the best).

Caramel Apples: The caramel apples at Walt Disney World aren't your standard, run-of-the-mill apples dipped in caramel. Nope, these beauties are quickly becoming an iconic must-have treat thanks to their colorful designs often themed for the holidays or Disney films. The Granny Smith apples are dipped in caramel and chocolate and the Mickey ears are created with marshmallows. You'll find caramel apples in several locations at Disney World including Big Top Treats, the Main Street Confectionary, Zuri's Sweet Shop, Sweet Spells, and of course, Karamell-Kuche.

If you stop by Big Top Treats you might get to see the sweet treats being made. And you can "create your own treat" at Goofy's Candy Company in Disney Springs.

Love these caramel apples!Love these caramel apples!

A good tip when it comes to eating caramel apples: cast members will slice the apples and package them in a container. This makes it MUCH easier to eat (and share) the sweet apples.

Apples with Caramel Dipping Sauce: While not as fun as its cousin the Caramel Apple, the pre-packaged apple slices with caramel dipping sauce might be a healthier alternative if you're craving apples and caramel. This snack is relatively low-cal, plus apples = you can feel like you're being healthy even if you are dipping the apple slices in caramel. The packaging makes this a perfect snack-while-walking option. You'll find this caramel snack at many of the snack locations throughout the parks. (You'll also find apples slices sans the caramel sauce, but where's the fun in that?).

A healthier caramel treat!A healthier caramel treat!

Hot Salted Caramel:
My final favorite caramel treat is only available during the holiday season at Epcot but it is so worth the wait. The Hot Salted Caramel (called the "Caramel Kiss" during the 2015 holiday season) is a cup of warm, buttery, and delicious caramel that is custom-made for sipping. That's right...it's drinkable caramel! There really isn't anything more magical. You'll find this delicious holiday drink at the Prost! kiosk near Epcot's Germany pavilion during the holiday season. Trust me, you need to try this drink.

Hot Salted Caramel is a holiday must-have!Hot Salted Caramel is a holiday must-have!

What is your favorite caramel treat at Walt Disney World? Leave a comment and let us know what we're missing!

Many thanks to the Disney Food Blog for use of their photos.

Heather Jaworski wrote on Sun, 06/19/2016 - 21:06:

Heather Jaworski's picture

I really enjoy the Caramel Bacon Square from Karamel Kuche and the Sea Salt Caramel Hot Cocoa from Ghiradelli.

Kristen K. wrote on Mon, 06/27/2016 - 15:46:

Kristen K.'s picture

Caramel Bacon Square!?! Oh my - I need to put that on my list for September.

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