Favorite Must-Have Snacks at Disney Springs

In the last couple of years, thanks to the opening of many new restaurants, Disney Springs has become a go-to destination for good food and drinks. You'll find some incredible signature dining spots and some equally as delicious quick service restaurants too. And let's not forget about the cupcake ATM at Sprinkles.

Must Have Snacks At Disney SpringsMust Have Snacks At Disney Springs

So today we're going to check out some of the best snacks you'll find at Disney Springs. [We'll cover real meals in another post]. With the heat and humidity that is summer in Orlando, sometimes you just want to snack your way through an afternoon and Disney Springs is a great place to get your snackin' on!

First stop is the Daily Poutine. This kiosk is the place to get poutine at Disney Springs and it's not just any ordinary poutine. Nope. You'll find several varieties including the "traditional" poutine and right now there's a Cheeseburger Poutine on the menu too. Plus, it's fun to say "poutine."

Get your poutine fix at the Daily PoutineGet your poutine fix at the Daily Poutine

On a hot summer day maybe a classic shake is what you're craving. When you find yourself in need of drinkable ice cream, stop by D-Luxe Burger, the Disney-owned burger joint in Disney Springs. Here you'll find artisanal shakes that are a must-have cold drink. Of course you could grab a burger to go with the shake, but we're just here for the ice cream this time.

Shakes at D-Luxe Burger are a must!Shakes at D-Luxe Burger are a must!

If you want another snack item to go with your snack milkshake, we suggest ordering some of the fries at D-Luxe and all of the dipping sauces! It's a perfect mid-afternoon snack.

The food trucks at Disney Springs are a great spot to find a quick bite to eat and our favorite eat-on-the-go snack is the Corn Dog from Fantasy Fare. We can never, ever pass up a corn dog and the version at Fantasy Fare is worthy of snacking!

Corn dog!Corn dog!

If you're a fan of Iron Chef Morimoto (yep!) then you'll want to stop by Morimoto Asia for a signature meal. But if you're just looking for a quick Morimoto fix, then Morimoto Asia Street Food is the place to stop.

The to-go menu features sushi, Bao Tacos, Egg Rolls, and something I'm dying to try this summer: Takoyaki (also known as Octopus Fritters). Seriously, every time I see these on Bizarre Food on Travel Channel I think "I really want to try them." And so, I will. In August. ;-)

Do you dare to eat ocotpus fritters?Do you dare to eat ocotpus fritters?

We mentioned one sweet snack so far (shakes at D-Luxe Burger) but let's get serious. There are several more must-have sweet snacks to be found here. First, you gotta stop at Ghirardelli for a sundae. There is always a line and rarely a seat to be found, but it's worth it. Get your sundae to go and find a spot in the shade to sit and enjoy it.

Sundaes at Ghirardelli are always a good planSundaes at Ghirardelli are always a good plan

If cupcakes are more your style then you probably already know that we're going to recommend stopping at Sprinkles for a cupcake! Or stop by the cupcake ATM and get your fix because, really, there's nothing better than a cupcake ATM.

Must. Eat. Cupcakes.Must. Eat. Cupcakes.

If you want ice cream and maybe a cookie and a brownie then you should probably order the Salted Oatmeal Cornflake Cookie and Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich with Cap'n Crunch Ice Cream. Or, you know, customize your own sundae with a cookie and ice cream of your choice. But this version really should be at the top of your "I gotta eat this now" list.

Customize an ice cream sandwich at SprinklesCustomize an ice cream sandwich at Sprinkles

And finally, while the hot summer months are not exactly ideal for snacking on gourmet chocolate, you should escape into the air conditioned space that is The Ganachery. Here you'll find hand-crafted ganache, chocolate bars, and so much delicious chocolate goodness that you'll want to hang out inside and eat a lot of chocolate.

And if you do plan on taking some back home, we recommend getting the chocolate at the end of your day at Disney Springs so that it has less of a chance of melting.

There's always room for chocolateThere's always room for chocolate

And there you have it, just a few of the must-have snacks at Disney Springs. We'd love to hear about your favorite snacks at Disney Springs. Leave us a comment and let us know what we should be eating.

Many thanks to the Disney Food Blog for use of their photos.

What is your favorite snack at Disney Springs?What is your favorite snack at Disney Springs?

wdwizbest wrote on Mon, 06/26/2017 - 17:27:

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We tried the cupcake ATM (after visiting Jock's), they were great. You have to try it at least once.

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