Five New Things - An Ever Evolving Disney Bucket List

A couple of years ago I wrote a story about Creating A Personal Disney Bucket List, and most of the things on the list are still things that I want to do. However in between checking these major things off, I'm always creating mini lists on each and every vacation. These mini-lists are why I can tell people with confidence that yes - yes I am going back to Walt Disney World, and no - no I haven't seen everything there yet. So read on and find out how these mini-lists can keep your return trips to Walt Disney World exciting for years to come.

The View From Our First DVC "Home Resort' StayThe View From Our First DVC "Home Resort" Stay

Let's face it, these day Walt Disney World is simply too big to conquer in one visit. In addition to the sheer size of the place, Disney likes to mix it up for us dropping in seasonal events, and introducing new eateries, shops and attractions all the time. Last week, my husband mentioned in his post 15 Disney Tips from a Cranky Cynic, that on every vacation we make small, localized "can't miss" lists for each day of the trip. These lists are mini bucket lists of sorts, and on every trip we're sure to mix in new Disney experiences on every day of vacation.

We started this idea back in 2010 when we realized we were in a rut with our Disney favorites, and I wanted to have a broader range of experiences at Disney to share with you. The rule is pretty simple, every time we make a trip to Walt Disney World we must try at least five new things - that's the minimum number. Seven night family vacation, at least five things; two night weekender, you've got it five things.

Our First Tropical Storm Vacation Our First - Tropical Storm Vacation!

Honestly, we quickly discovered that Walt Disney World has such a vast range of experiences throughout the year that even though we're making an effort to see and do more, we are no where near having done it all! Sometimes keeping our list to just five things isn't enough, and as long as we squeeze in one or two old favorites along the way we don't tend to miss them.

So What Qualifies As New? That's easy, for the purpose of this list something new is anything you've never done before. Here are just a few ways you can add something new to your next Walt Disney World vacation.

  • Stay at a different resort.
  • Rent a car, or not.
  • Try a restaurant you haven't been to yet.
  • Order a new menu item at your favorite restaurant.
  • Ride something you've never been on, you can do it!
  • Take a backstage tour that you've been interested in.
  • Make time for Disney non-park Disney recreation.
  • Switch up your touring schedule and start where you would normally end.
  • Change up your travel companions and see the world through new eyes.

His First Taste of Dole WhipHis First Taste of Dole Whip

Over the years we've had a lot of fun with the "5 New Things" concept. I'm headed back to Walt Disney World in September and with all the exciting things that have happened at Disney in the past year almost my entire trip will be things that are new to me! From stay in the new Grand Floridian DVC Villas, to tea at the Garden View Tea Room (I've been trying to get that reservation on the past 5 trips), to Animal Kingdom after Dark and dinner at Tiffins; I'm looking forward to exploring a wide range of new things.

Do you enjoy switching up the activities on your Disney vacation? Leave a comment below and share what the new-to-you Disney activity you're most looking forward to!

Shane wrote on Tue, 08/02/2016 - 12:37:

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I want to experience the Magic Kingdoms "Kiss Goodnight". Just learned about the Kiss Just this year! Hopefully going to see this at the end of Mickey's Very Merry Christmas this December.

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