The Heart of Te Fiti At Pineapple Lanai

One of my favorite things about staying at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort is the easy access to Dole Whip without having to make a trip into a Park. That's because just outside the back door of the Great Ceremonial House is a wonderful little walk-up window and patio called the Pineapple Lanai that serves nothing but Dole Whip. This summer, in honor of the far-away place, Pineapple Lanai is serving up the Heart of Te Fiti.

The Quick Service Window Draws A CrowdThe Quick Service Window Draws A Crowd

At the beginning, there was only the ocean. When Te Fiti emerged, her heart, a small pounamu stone, allowed the creation of life and multiple islands that would make up the homes of the world's first great navigators in the South Pacific. - Disney's Moana

Now, in no way am I saying that Disney's version of any cultural mythology is truth, but I am saying that Moana's creation myth has given us one truly tasty summer snack. Take a look at what's popped up on the menu!

Get Your Dole Whip At The Pineapple LanaiGet Your Dole Whip At The Pineapple Lanai

The Heart of Te Fiti is a simple swirl of Lime Dole Whip in a green wafer cone, and garnished with a pretty purple orchid. The look captures the essence of the story and the flavor is bright and refreshing. This is a tart treat, but for folks who love lime it's a truly delicious choice. I didn't feel that the cone added anything taste wise, and it got pretty soggy, so if you are looking for flavor rather than a picture, skip the cone and try it in a dish.

Heart of Te Fiti ConeHeart of Te Fiti Cone

While I was there, the option was also available to get the Heart of Te Fiti Cone with Raspberry-Lime Swirl, and it was amazing. The sweet Raspberry Dole Whip really offset the tart Lime to even out the flavor on your palate and create something really special. There's no telling how long this combination will be available, and it's not being shown on the menu, but if the idea intrigues you be sure to ask!

Heart of Te Fiti With Raspberry SwirlHeart of Te Fiti With Raspberry Swirl

What to hear more about Dole Whip at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort? Check out what our friends over at the Disney Food Blog thought about the New SECRET Dole Whip Flavor (And Swirl Hack) at Pineapple Lanai.

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