Ice Cream Sundaes Made For Sharing at Walt Disney World

Ask my kids for a bite of their Ice Cream at Walt Disney World and you're likely to get a look that would send a chill down the spine of Queen Elsa herself. However some Disney restaurants are serving up sundaes that are meant for the whole family to enjoy. Where can you dig into an avalanche of sweet frosty flavor? Read on for the answers to your Ice Cream Dreams.

Ice Cream Sundaes Made For SharingIce Cream Sundaes Made For Sharing

Luring them out of the water with a Sand Pail Sundae is a great way to get your family to take a break at the Water Park. Chocolate and Vanilla Soft-serve Ice Cream is loaded into a cute plastic sand pail and topped with Waffle Cone Pieces, Cookie Pieces, Sprinkles, Hot Fudge, Caramel Sauce, Strawberry Sauce, Whipped Cream and a Cherry. You can shovel it down (yep, it comes with one of those) at Typhoon Lagoon's Happy Landings or I.C. Expeditions at Blizzard Beach.

Next up is the Mickey Pants! OK, it's not really called the Mickey Pants Sundae but ever since the Disney Food Blog christened it as such, I can't help but giggle when I see it. This smaller version of the classic Kitchen Sink has some real character to it. The Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae can be found both at the both the Plaza/Main Street Ice Cream Parlor on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, and at Beaches and Cream in Disney's Beach Club Resort. Each location has a little bit of a different recipe for what goes in the Mini Mickey Sink, but both start with scoops of chocolate vanilla and strawberry ice cream, that gets covered on 3-4 types of ooey-gooey syrups, and finally sprinkles with bits and pieces of and a whole lot of goodness.

Can You Eat Mickey's Kitchen Sink?Can You Eat Mickey's Kitchen Sink?

If you thought that those two sundaes sounded like a lot to tackle, wait until you hear about the next one. Make your way to Downtown Disney's Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop where The Earthquake hold a place of honor on this menu. A monster family favorite, it all starts with eight scoops of ice cream, followed by eight delicious toppings, fresh bananas, whipped cream, chopped almonds, decadent Ghirardelli chocolate chips and cherries. Yep, be sure to wear stretchy pants.

Finally, this is it - The Legendary Kitchen Sink from Beaches and Cream at Disney's Beach Club Resort. For sure this Disney classic is the mother of all Walt Disney World Ice Cream Sundaes. A MUST share concoction of all that's good in the soda shop piled into a deep Stainless Steel bowl shaped like a kitchen sink. Like the Earthquake this masterpiece of ice cream creation starts with eight rich and creamy scoops, then it gets piled high with Oreos, candy bars, cake, bananas, cherries, brownies, all - yes ALL - of the toppings in the house, it even gets covered in an entire can of whipped cream. There's enough here to share, no matter what size your family.

The Legendary Kitchen SinkThe Legendary Kitchen Sink

So next time your traveling companions whine about you when you asking for a bite of their ice cream. Tell them not to worry - you know where to get the goods. Has your crew finished any of these mammoth Disney Sundaes? Leave a comment and share your story!

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