Interact With A Utility Suit Pilot at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

A human pilot sits strapped into the cockpit of a ten foot tall exo-carrier and walks across the floor of the Valley of Mo'ara in Disney's Animal Kingdom. Gleefully welcoming visitors in this alien landscape, the pilot helps introduce guests in Pandora - The World of Avatar to the backstory by offering "historic" information and even teaching a little of the Na'vi language.

Green Pandora Inspired Utility SuitGreen Pandora Inspired Utility Suit

The towering 4.2-ton mechanical suit is sure to catch the eye of all passing by the Pongu Pongu Lounge. Inspired by the AMP suits of the film AVATAR that were created for infantry missions of destruction; these utility suits are streamlined to be perfect tool for collecting plant samples, studying flora and surviving wild terrain in the Valley of Mo'ara.

Under the control of a witty pilot (a Pandora Conservation Initiative scientist) the giant walking suit has articulated hands and a shoulder span of more than five feet. Be sure to ask the pilot about how the suit came by the claw marks and It also bears claw marks and battle scars.

See The Utility Suit Performance Near Pongu Pongu LoungeSee The Utility Suit Performance Near Pongu Pongu Lounge

The Pandora Utility Suits (you'll notice in pictures above there is a blue suit and a green suit) are one of many impressive displays of human and mechanical interaction coming together to create a fun experience for guests.

Utility Suit Shows take place several times a day in Pandora - The World of Avatar so check your times guide under "entertainment" to see when you can interact!

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