La Vida Antigua - Celebrating the Art and Artifacts of Ancient Mexico

The beautiful Mexico Pavilion is enchanting at night. The towering pre-Columbian pyramid at its center looks like it could be ominous. However those who venture inside are welcomed to the Mexico of ancient times with a museum display right inside the doors. On my last visit I shared my love of the brilliant Oaxacan Woodcarving Exhibit 'Animales Fantsticos' however this time I was delighted to find something new.

La Vida AntiguaLa Vida Antigua

'La Vida Antigua' includes collection of art and artifacts that were displayed as "El Rio del Tiempo: The River of Time" when the Mexican Pavilion first opened at Epcot. Each treasured piece of history is displayed with a card explaining it's story and how the Mesoamerican people used it to enhance their lives. The exhibit takes guests through the great Mesoamerican city-states, to learn inhabitants worked, played, and marked time.

Aztec CalendarAztec Calendar

Amongst the treasures on display is a case of everyday objects, such as a drinking vessel for chocolate, and another vessel used specially for the alcoholic concoction called pulque. The importance of agriculture to ancient peoples is emphasized with a 1,400 year old idol of the Maize God. As guests browse the exhibit it's easy to see a theme developing, a culture of food and fierce warriors.

Ancient Art and ArtifactsAncient Art and Artifacts

The Aztec people had a very strict dress code to distinguish nobles from commoners. However for all classes of people the cape was the most important in signifying a man's status. The type, fabric, and decoration that was allowed were all determined by law. Even the way that the cape was tied and where the knot would lay was dictated to the people.

A Strict Dress Code Seperated the ClassesA Strict Dress Code Seperated the Classes

If you are a lover of the art and history of ancient peoples be sure to stop in and check out what's on display in Epcot's Mexico for a lovely display of the history of a people. I know that there's always something enchanting on display. What's your favorite part of the Mexico Pavilion? Leave a comment and let me know!

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