A Look Inside The Grand Floridian Villas Accessible Deluxe Studio

Last September my son and I stayed at the elegant Villas at Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. Booked into a Accessible Deluxe Studio Villa, we enjoyed our time at this Disney Vacation Club enclave at Walt Disney World's Flagship Resort. Just a short stroll down a covered walkway from Disney Magical Express drop off, the Villas offer their own lobby concierge and check-in staffed by friendly cast members.

A Look Inside The Grand Floridian Villas Accessible Deluxe StudioA Look Inside The Grand Floridian Villas Accessible Deluxe Studio
The Grand Floridian Villas Have A Lobby ConciergeThe Grand Floridian Villas Have A Lobby Concierge

While smaller in scale than the main building, walking into the Villas Lobby is every bit as elegant. A creamy palate white, taupe, and blue create a welcoming entrance with a modern Victorian charm. Charming little seating areas are staged to create nooks where Guests are welcome to relax, and perhaps play a game of chess or watch Disney shows. Those with an eye for detail will notice a bit of a Mary Poppins dining theme in the space, with custom Grand Floridian china, a beautiful chocolate and sugar showpiece created by the Grand Floridian Bakery Team featuring the symbol of hospitality and cheerful penguin waiters.

Grand Floridian China In LobbyGrand Floridian China In Lobby
A Magnificent Chocolate Display Piece Welcomes YouA Magnificent Chocolate Display Piece Welcomes You
Kids Can Watch Disney Shows In The LobbyKids Can Watch Disney Shows In The Lobby

Speaking of cheerful penguin waiters - a whimsical fountain is the centerpiece of the room, where Burt and Mary's little buddies playfully get ready for service.

The Whimsical Mary Poppins FountainThe Whimsical Mary Poppins Fountain
Who Doesn't Want Penguin Waiters?Who Doesn't Want Penguin Waiters?

Just like the Resort's Grand Lobby, the Villas Lobby is always full of fragrant fresh flowers. Walking into the space after a day at the Park to be greeted by the sweet, heady scent of the blooms became one of favorite memories of the vacation. More details from the classic film Mary Poppins punctuate the space, carousel horses, chalk paintings, even Mary's umbrella helps you get to your room.

Fresh Flowers Fills The Lobby With Sweet SmellsFresh Flowers Fills The Lobby With Sweet Smells
Carousel Horse Sculpture In The LobbyCarousel Horse Sculpture In The Lobby
A Touch of Mary Poppins Over The ElevatorA Touch of Mary Poppins Over The Elevator
Villas Lobby ChandeliersVillas Lobby Chandeliers

Well lit hallways create a happy entry to every room in the complex. I was an an power scooter for this vacation and found these halls and elevators very easy to navigate. There was more than enough room for turning in the halls and making my way in and out of our villas. The hall carpet was another really pretty touch with its lacy geometric patterns and Hidden Mickeys.

Bright Friendly HallwaysBright Friendly Hallways
Hidden Mickeys In The Hall CarpetHidden Mickeys In The Hall Carpet

Immediately entering the Deluxe Studio Villas guests step into a small foyer, as our room was a lock-off this space had the door to the adjoining room. In front of that door was the perfect space to park and charge my scooter without it being in the way. Directly in front of that space was one of the prettiest kitchenettes I've seen so far in a DVC Villa. The cabinets are a little lower in the accessible room, which makes using the coffee pot slightly awkward but nothing that couldn't be overcome.

Deluxe Studio KitchenetteDeluxe Studio Kitchenette

On the other side of the kitchenette was our large bathroom. I was really impressed with the space that they allowed in here, and the roll-in shower is one of the first I've been in that didn't have an excessive amount of splash out onto the main floor. It also maintained that luxury feel of the Grand Floridian while being very functional for my mobility needs while I was injured.

The Grand Floridian's H2O+ Spa products are my favorites by far. The spa scents are so soothing and delightful, for me it is the scent of Disney World. The TV in the bathroom mirror is a fun and trendy idea, but it didn't really get used.

Bathroom Low Set Counters And Roll In ShowerBathroom Low Set Counters And Roll In Shower
Accessible Studio BathroomAccessible Studio Bathroom
Roll In Shower with Seat And Hand Held ShowerheadRoll In Shower with Seat And Hand Held Showerhead
H2O+ Grand Floridian Products In The BathroomH2O+ Grand Floridian Products In The Bathroom
Television In The Bathroom MirrorTelevision In The Bathroom Mirror

I loved the decor in the combo bedroom sitting room. The soft colors were easy on the eyes and the beautiful tray ceiling reminds you right away in the morning that you are someplace special. The overstuffed couch was a comfortable place to curl up and watch the monorail glide by while I was sipping coffee in the morning.

There was also a dedicated table and chair for dining or to use as a workspace. I like this a lot more than the combo table/folding bed in over in the Boardwalk Villas.

Queen Size Bed With Ample Floor Space On The SidesQueen Size Bed With Ample Floor Space On The Sides
Comfortable Table And Chair For Meals Or Work SpaceComfortable Table And Chair For Meals Or Work Space

There is a lot of sleeping surface in this room, as it technically it sleeps five. I don't think that I would put five in here myself, however you could sleep four adults and a small child. For those who need the accessibility of this room, when you have more than three people in here the ability to maneuver in the room decreased significantly. There is a queen size bed, fold out sofa bed, and a single fold out bed beneath the television set.

Inside The Grand Floridian Deluxe StudioInside The Grand Floridian Deluxe Studio
Dumbo Murphy Bed Pulled OutDumbo Murphy Bed Pulled Out

I'm the kind of gal that unpacks her suitcase on vacation, and this room presented a bit of a challenge in that regard. I absolutely hated the strange and awkward closet in the room. This is the only place available to store your clothes, and it was barely functional. I understand the need for the accessible heights in this room, and the use of cubes rather than drawers, that wasn't the problem. The problem is that Disney has also used this closet to store things in. There's just all this stuff in the way, and some of it, like the luggage rack, and the pack and play is large. I had to relocate a bunch of gear to elsewhere in the room to be able to use the closet, but the closet is still so small things were difficult at best.

Single Awkward ClosetSingle Awkward Closet

The door to our balcony had a flat threshold to make it wheelchair accessible, and a lot of space outside. I wasn't entirely sure what my Standard Room view would get me, but I was very happy with our view of the garden fountain and monorail tracks. I always love a room with a monorail view. If we leaved out a bit and looked off towards the pool we could see a bit of the beach and bar seating.

Easy Out Doorway To The BalconyEasy Out Doorway To The Balcony
Even The Garden View Rooms Here Have Gorgeous ViewsEven The Garden View Rooms Here Have Gorgeous Views
Room With A Monorail View Always Make Me HappyRoom With A Monorail View Always Make Me Happy

I really enjoyed my stay at the Grand Floridian Villas, and I'm glad that I got the chance. The property is magnificent, being on the monorail line is fun, and the decor made me feel right at home. However, these rooms are on the high end of Studio Villa point costs (almost twice as much as an equivalent room at Animal Kingdom Lodge) and I'm not sure that makes sense for me for frequent vacations, this stay was a splurge for me.

Have you treated yourself to a stay at the Grand Floridian Villas? If so leave a comment below and share what you thought.

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