Marvel Unleashes A Little Hero For The Big Screen

It's Friday and the next big installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) release today for all the world to see. Ant-man is the story of an x-con who is given the chance to become a hero in the eyes of his young daughter.

Ant-Man In Theaters July 17th, 2015Ant-Man In Theaters July 17th, 2015

Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang the down and out conman who is given a second chance. Kirk Douglas plays the genius, Dr. Henry Pym who created the Ant-man suit and needs Scott Lang to steal it back from the corporation who would use it for nefarious means. This movie is seen as a true departure from the usual combat oriented, superhero epic that Marvel studios is known for. Paul Rudd plays a sort of everyman, a father who wants to be the most important thing in his daughter's eyes. He is trying to break out of his bad luck cycle and be a good man. Not only is this a hero that the average Joe can get behind, but Ant-man is a feel good movie with a down-to-earth plot.

Check out the trailer below...

The cast, however, is larger than life. Not only do we see the acting style of the fantastic Kirk Douglas with the sarcastic, comedic bent of Paul Rudd, but that is only the beginning. The other cast includes Evangiline Lily, Corey Stoll, Bobby Cannavale, Judy Greer and Abby Ryder Forston as Scott Lang's daughter.

A much, closer to home hero shows a lot of depth in the Marvel stable of heroes. And if early reviews mean anything, Ant-man could be a massive homerun. Are you excited to get an 'everyman' hero from Marvel?

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Thanks so much to Erik H. for this great guest post. Erik is a long time comic book fan and will be reporting on the Marvel Universe for us, as well as keeping track of the galactic goings on of Star Wars. Look for more of his articles in the coming months.

crazycatperson wrote on Fri, 07/17/2015 - 17:40:

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I so want to see this. We're going Sunday. Can't wait!

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