The Pizza's On Point At Pizza Ponte

Just across the bridge onto The Landing in Disney Springs sits the old Disney Springs Air Terminal, according to story. This massive building is home to three Italian eateries Maria & Enzo's Ristorante, Enzo's Hideaway Tunnel Bar, and the fast-casual pizza joint, Pizza Ponte. The last one is what we're talking about today, the airy and casual counter service restaurant Pizza Ponte where they serve up quick Italian goodies.

The Pizza's On Point At Pizza PonteThe Pizza's On Point At Pizza Ponte

Pizza Ponte sits in the space of the old terminal where an immigrant couple from Italy names Maria and Enzo ran a bakery in the terminal's lobby. After the terminal closed and they bought the building, Maira & Enzo opened up Pizza Ponte and it became the most successful pizza-by-the-slice shop in the town of Disney Springs.

The interior of the space still has that airy cafe feel to it, with white tile walls and art deco accents. You can find first come first served seating both inside the restaurant and on an outdoor patio.

Interior Seating At Pizza PonteInterior Seating At Pizza Ponte
Pizza Ponte Interior SeatingPizza Ponte Interior Seating
Pizza Ponte Point Of SalePizza Ponte Point Of Sale

The menu at Pizza Ponte offers guests fabulous food that's quick and filling.
Visitors can grab a quick slice of Sicilian pizza, as well as Italian sandwiches and pastries to be eaten on site or packed up to go. The items on the menu aren't fancy, but they are delicious in that sort of old school Italian deli style many people remember from their youth. No matter what your age, Pizza Ponte has a way of waking up your taste buds and making them happy.

Pizza Ponte Sandwiches MenuPizza Ponte Sandwiches Menu
Dessert Menu and EspressoDessert Menu and Espresso

Step on in, and make your way to the Pizza Ponte line. The glass counter divider allows guests the perfect view of the pleasing Sicilian pizzas to be had. These are thick, crusty slices piled with goodness. One of the fan favorites continues to be the Porchetta pizza with its spicy peppers that pack a bit of kick. There's a fun Italian deli vibe going on here and the cast member costumes are fun as well as stylish. After you choose your slice, they'll make it hot and ready just for you.

Pizza Ponte Counter And OvenPizza Ponte Counter And Oven
There's A Fun Italian Vibe To The LineThere's A Fun Italian Vibe To The Line
The Bakery and Beverage CaseThe Bakery and Beverage Case

If pizza isn't your thing, Pizza Ponte has a case full of delicious Italian sandwiches and salads to chose from with the very finest imported meats and cheeses. These grab and go selections makes this restaurant a fantastic option for weary travelers that are looking to pick up a meal during the off hours that they take back to their resort room to eat later.

Fresh Sliced Parma HamFresh Sliced Parma Ham
Pizza Ponte SandwichesPizza Ponte Sandwiches

I was hungry the night I walked into Pizza Ponte. My I went with the "Big Roman" which is advertised as the biggest slice in Disney Springs. The Big Roman is a circular pizza with a thin crust, and a single slice of it needs two paper plates to hold it.

The night I was there they had the Big Roman with pepperoni, which happens to be my favorite kind of pizza. The massive slice was loaded with tons of tasty pepperoni rounds with crisp edges from the oven.

The Biggest Slice In Disney SpringsThe Biggest Slice In Disney Springs
Pizza Ponte Big Roman SlicePizza Ponte Big Roman Slice
Up Close Look At The Big RomanUp Close Look At The Big Roman

Pizza Ponte has a wide variety of Italian baked goods to choose from in their dessert case. I knew I would be filling up on my slice of pie, and would just needs a touch of the sweet stuff.

Marzipan Jelly Cookies were how I chose to finish off my meal and they were delicious. I was expecting the cookies to be crunchy like the ones I get at home, however I was surprised to find that these were fresh, soft little bites of rich marzipan cookie dough with a dollop of fruit jam. While I bought three, the decadence of each little bite was such that I could only finish two of them.

Marzipan Jelly CookiesMarzipan Jelly Cookies
Biscotti Marzipan and Jelly CookiesItalian Cookie Case

I loved my Pizza Ponte dining experience and will be returning in the future. They are serving up some great slices of pie with fresh Italian flavor, delicious sandwiches, and some fabulous little desserts to nosh.

Thanks so much to the Disney Food Blog for helping fill out our images from Pizza Ponte. You can read more about this great restaurant over on the DFB FULL Review!! Pizza Ponte in Disney Springs.

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