Planning a Disney Trip with a Non-Disney Fan

If you are anything like me you live for planning your next Disney Vacation, you can see the park maps in your head. You know where you want to eat, and what your plan of attack will be. Any Disney fan would jump at the chance for the trip you're planning, but what if you won't be traveling with a Disney fan? Planning a trip to Walt Disney World with someone who doesn't understand can be a little trickier.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Research - No, not Disney, research your companion! Discover what they want in a vacation and then use your Disney knowledge and connections to make sure the touring plans will match up. Do they just want to relax? Book a spa day! Are they up for high adventure? Try a marathon of Disney's thrill rides or parasailing on Bay Lake!

He Had Wanted To See Epcot Since He was a TeenagerHe Had Wanted To See Epcot Since He was a Teenager
Focus on Just One or Two Parks - This will help keep your companion from being overwhelmed, and cut down on regrets if you miss an attraction or two. Plan to start with the Park your companion will like the most. With one enjoyable trip under your belt, you can hit the other parks next time!

Take An Easy Pace - There is so much to see and do at Walt Disney World, sometimes fans forget to slow down. Allow your companion to move at their own pace through the parks. Every corner will be filled with wonder, it takes more time to take it all in. Be sure you know ahead of time if there are particular attractions they are looking forward to seeing so that you can steer them in the right direction.

Make ADRs Where Your Companion Can Eat Their Favorite FoodsMake ADRs Where Your Companion Can Eat Their Favorite Foods
Favorite Foods - The way to their heart may be through their stomach, eat well on vacation. With so many options for great food available, be sure that you plan ahead for ADRs. Take into consideration your companion's favorite foods not just Disney fan favorites. If you're able, use the Disney Dining Plan to assuage costs and have more choices.

Connect - Though you'll likely be on point in planning, be sure to offer your companion a few choices and options that you know you'll both enjoy. If they join in the planning, even just a little bit, they'll look forward to the trip more and feel connected while touring. You may have to make some sacrifices on your first trip with a non-Disney fan, but with careful planning you can turn even the grumpiest dwarf into a true blue Disney Parks fan.

He Now Swears That Disney Vacations Are FunHe Now Swears That Disney Vacations Are Fun
Have you traveled with people who just didn't seem to "get" your love for Disney? What did you do to help them see the light? Join the conversation on our forum for tips and tricks to make Disney enjoyable for everyone!

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