Rise and Shine for the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show and Rope Drop

When you're vacationing at the Walt Disney World Resort you can choose to sleep in, enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and arrive at your theme park for the day later in the morning. Or you can wake up at the crack of dawn, board an early bus to the Magic Kingdom and be there for the Welcome Show and rope drop.

A great way to start the day at the Magic KingdomA great way to start the day at the Magic Kingdom

Me? I'm in that second category of Disney vacationers. I haven't met a rope drop I don't love. Well, except for that one day at Epcot that was less-than-magical, but that's another story. Today we're talking about rope drop at the Magic Kingdom and more specifically the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show.

Never been to rope drop? You're not alone. My very unscientific guess would be that less than 40 percent of all visitors make rope drop at any given theme park. It's not for everyone, but when you arrive early enough for rope drop you might see some awesome stuff. Like the Welcome show.

Citizens of Main Street welcome guests to the Magic KingdomCitizens of Main Street welcome guests to the Magic Kingdom

First thing first: if you're wondering what "rope drop" means it's the official opening time at the theme parks. For the Magic Kingdom that means 9 a.m. unless it's an Extra Magic Hour morning and then rope drop would be 8 a.m.

The Magic Kingdom Welcome Show happens at around 8:50 a.m. each morning, give or take a few minutes. We recommend arriving at the Magic Kingdom no later than 8:30 if you have plans to see the Welcome Show. It might sound early (especially on lower crowd days) but it's a good time to arrive.

Once you've made it through bag check and scanned your MagicBand you'll find yourself in the courtyard area, looking up at the train platform. This is where all the action happens during the Welcome Show. Find a good place where you (and the kids) will be able to see what's going on.

Right on cue at around 8:50 a citizen of Main Street U.S.A. appears on the train platform to welcome everyone to the Most Magical Place on Earth. Sometimes it's the Mayor and sometimes it's another citizen, it all depends.

The Magic Kingdom Welcome ShowThe Magic Kingdom Welcome Show

Then, the Main Street Singers arrive on the platform to perform Good Morning (a song that will surely be stuck in your head all day...until you ride it's a small world). As the song ends you'll hear the train whistle in the distance.

The Walt Disney World Railroad train steams into the station to the tune of Casey Jr. and Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (and by this time you're probably singing along). Mickey Mouse and some of this friends are onboard the train along with the 'family of the day.' The family is introduced to the crowd as Mickey and his friends wave to everyone.

Just a few of the characters you might seeJust a few of the characters you might see

Next, a backward countdown from 10 is started to officially open the Magic Kingdom. When the countdown reaches zero the canons erupt and the crowd is covered in streamers and pixie dust.

And then it's time to enter the Most Magical Place on Earth. A little tip: everyone seems to head for the entrance on the right so go left. It'll be less crowded.

While the Welcome Show is only 10 minutes long it puts you in a magical mood (if you weren't there already) and it's a happy way to start your day at the Magic Kingdom. Plus, you might get a wave from the main Mouse.

Wave 'hi' to Mickey Mouse!Wave 'hi' to Mickey Mouse!

The Magic Kingdom Welcome Show happens every morning before rope drop at the Magic Kingdom. It's worth it to get up early and see it at least once during your trip.

Are you a rope drop enthusiast? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think about the Magic Kingdom Welcome Show.

figgy wrote on Mon, 05/11/2015 - 16:07:

figgy's picture

We never and I mean NEVER miss rope drop on a MK day. It's way too magical to miss. Skip that and sleep in! No problem! More room and shorter lines for me!

JJT wrote on Mon, 05/11/2015 - 22:18:

JJT's picture

I cry every time (well, I've only been there to see it twice) -- wouldn't miss it! Perfect start to the day :)

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