Rumor: Stormwater Project Paves The Way For Future of Downtown Disney

Over the past few years it seems like there has been a lot of "Blue Sky" planning for Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney area but very little actually happening to change the face and feeling of this popular location. Many feel that sections of the shopping, dinning and entertainment district have been suffering from a lack of identity and direction since the closure of Pleasure Island in 2008.

Downtown Disney LogoDowntown Disney Logo

In 2010 Disney announced plans to construct "Hyperion Warf" but by July of the 2011, we were reporting on construction delays that put plans on hold. While the AMC Theater did get it's update with a new Fork & Screen options, and Splitsville opened just this past December there's been no word on any further additions or construction. With the original 2013 debut date of Hyperion Warf upon us without so much as a ground breaking, it's fairly obvious that the creative direction has been abandoned. So what's next for this staple destination on so many Disney vacations?

Splitsville Luxury Lanes Open TodaySplitsville Is Downtown Disney's Latest Addition

Lately we have heard some rumblings around the internet about a project in the works called the "BVD Corridor Stormwater Project." This week the Orlando Business Journal put a little more weight behind these rumors with an article pulling together some possibilities and linking to a story about some documents that have been filed for a location being called "Disney Springs". These documents seem to offer some major changes and a full facelift to almost the entire Downtown Disney area.

While the documents that have been filed for Phase I of the project mainly make way for the construction and handling of ground water infrastructure changes. The next phase however offers some significant restructuring of the area that addresses some significant traffic and transportation issues around Downtown Disney with the addition of a major internal bus station and a five story parking garage. Finally, further plans talk about a brand new section of buildings deemed the "Town Center" that offer restaurant and retail expansion, an amphitheater near the water, and something called "The Observatory" that will go into the Planet Hollywood location. Are you wondering where it all could go? A speculative image of the construction can be found HERE.

Ultimately, with no official word from Disney, these plans still fall under the rumor category, but it's nice to hear that revitalizing the area in some way seems to be in the works. Do you dream of something new at Downtown Disney? Leave a comment and let me know what your "Blue Sky" addition for this location would include!

Lucy wrote on Thu, 02/21/2013 - 15:20:

Lucy's picture

Well, the traffic easing and parking expansion would be warmly welcomed: We stayed at SSR in January and must have spent hours in traffic around DTD!

I'd LOVE to see something along the evening entertainment line come back, such as the Adventurers.. I'm sure it won't happen but it'd be nice to have somewhere other than Jelly Rolls to go of a late evening :-)

I'd like to see a Disney outlet store so I don't have to go to the Premium Outlets - They could have end of line/discontinued items here at a reduced price.

Restaurants are always welcome, I like people watching so outdoor terraces and patios always go down well.

In terms of other entertainment, they could look at an indoor ice rink/winter wonderland with a ski dome and tobogganing - would be especially nice around Xmas! How about a cookery school where they could hold sessions with different Disney chefs and you learn to create one of the popular dishes?!

Ben Ostrowsky wrote on Thu, 02/21/2013 - 15:39:

Ben Ostrowsky's picture

"BVD Corridor Stormwater Project" sounds to me like a urinary catheter.

Bill wrote on Thu, 02/21/2013 - 19:31:

Bill's picture

I would like to see a "Walt Disney World Video Library". A cross between an old-fashioned, museum-type library and a "bookstore coffee-house seating area". A rather large, "historic-type setting" building, but serving unique, "designer" sandwiches, desserts, coffee drinks, tea, soft drinks and adult beverages. The main body if the building, and "design" of the sight, would not necessarily be a "money-maker" but, in my humble opinion - based on everything I've seen and read on the "inter-net" - would be quite an "adult" and "WDW-Geek' draw. The body of the building would resemble a cross between a full-on reference library and a "Barnes & Noble" or "Boarder's Books" store. You certainly would have books, periodicals and written materials that are Walt Disney World related, but you would have an much larger section of video disks (DVDs) that pertain to all sorts of Walt Disney World history, geography, development, facts and fiction, trivia, education, reference, and last, but certainly not least, video history of each of the "Attractions" offered at all of the Walt Disney World Parks, as well as the history and development of the Resorts themselves, including the "TTC", The Monorail System and all other aspects of Walt Disney World. I realize just how limited this "survey" is, but of the twenty-five "WDW-friends" I talked to about this, all twenty-five agreed that this would be a fantastic idea !

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