Saint George and the Dragon in Epcot's German Pavilion

The magic of Epcot's German Pavilion takes guests into a fairy tale village full of charming traditional German architecture that whispers tales of medieval knights. The look and feel pays homage to the many towns and villages of Bavaria and the Rhine region of Germany. Situated high above the central platz you'll find the strong and valiant symbol of protection, Saint George.

Be Sure to Look Up in the Germany PavilionBe Sure to Look Up in the Germany Pavilion

In the middle of Epcot's platz you'll find guests having a seat around the sides of a central fountain, sipping German beers and indulging in delicious treats from one of the many shops. It's a great spot take a moment and soak up the atmosphere and appreciate the details. This is one of my favorite pavilions to remember to "look up" in because there is so much to see overhead. Guests relax and enjoy their vacations all beneath the epic battle. High above them, on an ornate pillar Saint George slays the dragon at the center of it all.

Saint George Slaying the DragonSaint George Slaying the Dragon

As the Patron Saint of Soldiers and legendary dragon slayer statues of George can be found in nearly every village across the German countryside. Epcot's statue was modeled by Disney's Imagineers after the statue of Saint George located in Rothenburg, Germany.

Be sure to take a moment on your next visit to Epcot to say thank you to Saint George for being protector of the land. What's your favorite detail in the German Pavilion? Leave a comment and let us know!

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