See A Movie At The AMC Disney Springs 24

Looking for something to do on a non-park day at Walt Disney World? On a recent trip I decided to do something I hadn't done before at Disney, and take in a movie at the AMC Disney Springs 24 Theaters. This massive movie complex blew away any pre-conceptions of what going to a movie was like and home, and upgraded my experience to one I won't soon forget.

AMC Disney SpringsAMC Disney Springs

Just like theaters everywhere the AMC Disney Springs has the Marketplace Concessions Stand. This is the spot where you can pick up the drinks and snacks before seeing a show. Guests will find the usual popcorn and candy right along side specialty smoothies and coffee drinks, gourmet popcorn, pizza, chicken tenders - and healthier options. Coke Freestyle machines offer a wide variety of non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy.

The concession stand is about where the similarities between the AMC Disney Springs 24 and my hometown movie theater ended. Of course - big cities across the nation have elaborate theaters with plush recliner seats and dine-in service. However for folks like me who live in areas that are a bit more rural, the offerings at the Disney Springs AMC were mind-blowing.

AMC Disney Springs ConcessionsAMC Disney Springs Concessions

For starters, this movie theater has a bar. It's called McGuffins Bar and serves up specialty cocktails, craft beers and premium wines along side a variety of hot munchies. The menu is fairly standard, expect for limited time cocktails often riff off of current movies, such as the "Kaijuice" currently being served up. This "king of the cocktails" was inspired by the 2019 movie. Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

AMC McGuffins BarAMC McGuffins Bar
AMC McGuffins Bar TablesAMC McGuffins Bar Tables

Six of the screens here are actually Dine-In Theaters! This set up gives dinner and a movie a whole new meaning when the movie theatre and restaurant are rolled into one. Hand-crafted menu items and a drinks from McGuffins bar are delivered by a unique dine-in service which lets you order from your seats. With a more intimately sized audience and reserved seating, upgraded seats with small tables, and a personal call button allow for seat side service both before and during your show.

This is a really fun way to see a movie. However with the glorious selection of celebrity chef restaurants right outside the theater door, you may find better places to spend your food budget. Dine-In Theatre Guests must be at least 18 years of age or accompanied by a parent or guardian that is 21 years or older. Check out what our friends over at the Disney Food Blog thought in their Review: AMC Dine-In Theater at Walt Disney World's [Disney Springs].

AMC Disney Springs 24 Dine-In TheaterAMC Disney Springs 24 Dine-In Theater

Families just looking for the best show possible may want to buy their tickets for the Dolby Cinema Theater. Dolby Cinema is "designed from the ground up to provide the best sound, picture, and environment for any movie - letting you step into another reality and surrender to the story."

  • The screens are bigger, the contrast deeper, the color richer powered by dual-laser projection technology.

  • The sound is industry-leading audio technology delivering powerful, moving audio that flows all around you, even from above and behind. It has a lifelike depth and detail that you can feel physically rumbling through the theater.

  • The Premium seats are ergonomically designed for maximum comfort and clear sight lines. Plus - because you can reserve your seats ahead of time, you can get your favorite spot in the house.

The Dolby Cinema is absolutely enormous. My seat for Aladdin was located in the 3rd floor balcony. Regardless of being in the nose bleed section, I had a clear view of the screen even when I was reclined in my very comfortable seat. I was able to control the seat position from a small panel located in the extra wide arm rest.

AMC Disney Springs Dolby Cinema Theater EntryAMC Disney Springs Dolby Cinema Theater Entry
Dolby Cinema Reclining Theater SeatsDolby Cinema Reclining Theater Seats

Over all the experience I had at the AMC Disney Springs 24 was great. It really embodied the way I feel about Disney Springs in general. There are lots of Disney travelers that grump about the lack of uniqueness and that Disney Springs is just a big mall. That's just the "urban privilege" talking, because there are an awful lot of folks in the country who only get to experience high end stores or state of the art cinema when they travel. This theater exists to make little things like going to a movie somewhat special, magical even. It allows families working with all sorts of budgets on their vacation to enjoy time together doing something fun.

If you are looking for a way to escape the heat for a couple of hours, have some Disney down time to kill, or simple want an upgraded movie theater experience, head on over to the AMC Disney Springs 24. Let's all go to the movies!

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